On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Yesterday marked the fifteen-year anniversary of one of the most watched, most quoted, and timeless must-see teen dramas of our generation—Mean Girls. With a killer cast including Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Amy Poehler, and of course the mastermind behind the film, Tina Fey, this movie has sealed its reputation and no other movie can even compare. Though Mean Girls has provided young women with humor, life lessons, and memorable one-liners, a key component of this movie that captures its essence are the oh so pink outfits that transcend time. So, in honor of the fifteenth anniversary, here are the top fifteen fetch outfits from our Mean Girls’ closet.

15. Cady’s Pre-Plastic Flannel

After surviving the jungles of Africa, Cady Heron entered girl world sporting a causal flannel to blend in with the other students and appear “normal.” Little did she know that she was about to meet the plastics and get eaten alive by the wildlife of North Shore.

14. Cady’s Transition to Plastic

How could anyone forget Cady’s first attempt at being plastic: wearing Damien’s bright pink and extremely oversized polo with jeans. This ensemble not only introduced Cady to the plastics’ outfit rules but also enlightened us that real men wear pink (go Damien!).

13. Enter Queen B Regina George

Before learning how truly manipulative she really was, Regina George, was introduced as the sophisticatedly dressed and well put together Queen B. Fit with a button down, sleek sweater, and classic initial necklace, Regina slithered her way into Cady’s life and made her say “she seems…nice.”

12. Plastics Hit the Gym

The Mean Girls’ plastics can truly wear anything including gym shorts and t-shirts, but they do it with some “upgrades.” Whether you’re the gossiper Gretchen Weiners with her rolled up short shorts and cropped t-shirt, the dumb Karen Smith with her t-shirt turned tank, or the popular Regina George, with her grand entrance, the plastics definitely make a memorable first impression. 

11. Dramatic Regina George

Regina George, dramatic? As if (oops, wrong movie!). This tank not only acts as a huge understatement of this entire movie but also emphasizes that the popular girls too have insecurities, after all “at least you guys can wear halters. I have man shoulders.”

10. Cotton Candy Cady

Cady’s makeover has officially transformed her. From the mini skirt to the heels, the splash of cotton candy colors, and the tiny but fashionable handbag, Cady looks the part. Now, all she has to do is act the part (falling into a trash can is not the correct behavior!).

9. Cute Skirt, Where Did You Get It?

Just when Cady thought she was learning more about Regina and maybe she was a good person after all, enter unnamed girl in above plaid skirt. A cute and vintage mini skirt from the 80’s but according to Regina, “that is the ugliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen,” so we might need to re-evaluate.

8. Happy Halloween

Poor and innocent Cady wrongly assumed that a Halloween party meant gory, real costumes but she clearly missed the memo that in girl world, Halloween was the one time of year where girls get to dress totally promiscuously without any consequences. That is not fetch!

7. Jingle Bell Rock

A Mean Girls costume countdown would be incomplete without the classic Winter talent show Jingle Bell Rock costumes. From head to toe, the plastics spread their holiday cheer in festive red leather, warm tank tops, and comfortable knee-high boots perfect for kicking music players into obnoxious jocks’ faces.

6. Regina’s Bra Cutouts

In an attempt to embarrass her, Cady and her team perform the first prank of many and cut holes in Regina’s shirt to reveal her bra. To their dismay, this fails miserably. Not only does Regina not think twice about wearing this shirt down the halls, but almost all of the other girls at North Shore willingly follow her in this trend. They need to be careful though because soon Regina will be thinking “Why are you so obsessed with me?” *cue Mariah Carey*

5. Cady Heron: Plastic

CADY HERON IS OFFICIALLY PLASTIC. At her very own “low-key” party, Cady dresses in her black and pink cocktail dress complete with a black choker and black stockings. Not only does this dress fail to get her the guy, but it also destroys her friendships. After all, she’s plastic, cold, hard plastic.

4. Damien in Disguise

After the Burn Book is released to the entire school, the administration tries to bring the girls together and have them sing kumbaya, but Damien wants to be included too! This school assembly turned confessional not only reveals that literally everyone has been personally victimized by Regina George, but also that Damien keeps a better track of a school roster than the teachers.

3. The Color Purple

The dynamic duo doesn’t let anything get in their way when it comes to expressing who they truly are. At their Spring Fling, Janis and Damien flaunt their unique purple tuxedos, partake in their memorable slow dance (we’ll ignore the awkward kiss) and solidify their true friendship.  

2. 1, 3, or 5

In another attempt at removing Regina’s “hot bod,” Cady and her team had Regina eating weight gaining bars. Because of this, Regina could not fit into her Spring Fling dress, forcing her to check Sears and make some alterations after her run-in with the school bus.

1. Cady Heron Gets the Best of Both Worlds

The top outfit is Cady Heron mathlete meets Spring Fling queen. Yes, she gets both! Sporting her mathletes letterman jacket and her Spring Fling tiara, Cady has found the perfect balance where she doesn’t have to pretend to be bad at math to get a guy to like her, but she also doesn’t have to an unnoticed fly on the wall. So, after all is said and done, YOU GO GLENN COCO.