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Skull Style

Here’s one cool trend that won’t be dying out soon. Skull products have been a fashion sensation ever since Alexander McQueen designed the legendary $500 silk skull scarf in 2009. After he hanged himself (hopefully not with the scarf!), this skull design was mimicked and interpreted by other designers and mainstream retailers. Pop into Urban Outfitters or Bloomingdales today and you’ll no doubt see every type of skull merchandise imaginable.

Since skulls designs are increasingly popular, it’s important to bring your own individuality to the trend. Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts when it comes to dressing cranial chic.

1. Simple skulls – Make a strong impression. Try a big, bold skull graphic across your top.

2. Skull patterns – Without seeming morbid, the more skulls the better! Items that are skull patterned are often the most striking.

3. Shiny skulls – Accessorize with skulls. Do tempt the trend with skull jewelry; gold and metallic skulls are eye-grabbing and fierce. A skull-beaded bracelet will add a desired dramatic quality to your entire outfit.

4. Skulls and flags – Patriotism is in. Partner your fave stripes and stars with a bad-ass skull. Skulls and flags complement each other; while one says, “I’m bad to the bone,” the other says, “I love my country.” Both messages are respectable.

5. Skulls by McQueen – Buying skulls from McQueen will never steer you wrong. Just like Ferris Bueller boasted about his iconic “borrowed” Ferarri, “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

1. Smiling skulls – This destroys that edgy image that you are trying to cultivate by wearing skulls. Plus it’s biologically impossible.

2. Skulls by Ed Hardy – Stay away from skull products made by Ed Hardy. Unless you’re going to rage at Karma down at the Jersey Shore… well, just no. This designer is a tacky breed. Don’t “don Ed Hardy.”

3. Skulls with top hats – Sorry Dooley! Skulls wearing 18th century-accessories make the trend less…relevant, to say the least. **Exception: if school spirit is your desired look**

4. Skulls by Urban Outfitters – While they may offer some good beginning basics for the skull trend, a seasoned skull-wearer may warn against buying from such a recognizable chain. Original-appearing skulls are the coolest. Wear an Urban Outfitters skull and you will undoubtedly hear, “is that from Urban?” at least five times that day.

5. Pirate skulls – Somehow not as cool. A skull and crossbones is often acceptable, just no eye-patch! Pirates aren’t trendsetters.

Adding some skulls your wardrobe shouldn’t be an impulse purchase. Hopefully this guide provides assistance to Collegiettes who previously had a skeletal understanding of skull fashion!


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