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The Secret Art of Rocking Midi Rings

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.


This season, jewelry has become a huge part of any outfit. Say goodbye to simple, tiny pieces and get ready to rock the newest trend of November…midi rings. Whether dainty or chunky, midi rings are sweeping runways, appearing in the lines of designers and on the fingers of celebrities everywhere. Celebs like Rihanna have been pairing these unique pieces with comfy Aztec sweaters, floor length skirts, and tiny LBDs. Here’s how to add a midi ring to your winter style.

First off, one ring is never enough! Midi rings shine brightest when paired with additional hand jewelry, whether that be more than one ring, a bracelet, or hand veil chain. Make your hands the focal point by pairing one or two midi rings with an oversized ring and a few bracelets. However, don’t overdo the bling and go for overkill. Wearing too many rings may look like Phoebe Buffay’s hands in Friends or the Olsen’s clunky fingers. We all loved the 90s, but that is something you definitely don’t want to bring back.

Accessories are meant to enhance your outfit and stand out. Go for a midi ring that embraces your inner style. Try a snake design, or a bow and arrow for a cool twist. There are simpler pieces and also some jewel-encrusted ones. Just take your pick! Make sure the rings are metallic. Pastel plastics are never the way to go if you’re looking for a style that invokes a feeling of quality and intrigue. Keep your midi’s classy, and go for gold, silver, or bronze to rock this season’s newest trend.

Jessica lives her life at several speeds. She talks too fast, eats too slow and over-analyzes too much.  When she’s not telling long-winded stories, sitting alone at the dinner table, or staring off into space, Jessica loves all things creative. Screenwriter, play director and poet at age 9, songwriter and choreographer at age 16, now, at 23, all she really wants to do is write, help others, and post Instagrams.  As a social media coordinator for multiple fashion brands, and a post-grad writer for Her Campus, she gets to do just that. Jessica is a Midwestern girl from the suburbs of Chicago, but she fell in love with city living during a summer internship in the Big Apple, and now calls NYC home. Jessica loves chocolate milkshakes, dance parties, Chippewa Ranch Camp, Friends re-runs, Chuck Bass and of course, spending time with her fans (read: family and friends).