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Patrick ’14

Looking for someone that would scare off a black bear for you? Then you’re looking in the right place. Meet Patrick, a junior from Cleveland, who’s a bit of a romantic! Read on to discover his secret talent and celebrity crush. It REALLY is a shame he’s taken……

Major: Business and History
Extra Curriculars: Club Soccer, Rush Chair, OEO Leader
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Fraternity: Kappa Alpha

Her Campus Emory (HCE): What are you best at?
Patrick (P): I am the best at knowing random facts which do not always pertain to the conversation.

HCE: What is your pet-peeve?
P: My pet-peeve is when people text during dinner. It probably comes from family dinners back home and I just find it respectful not to text during dinner.

HCE: What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl?
P: I made dinner for my girlfriend and her best friend. I was cooking in Clairmont Tower while they were at a study session. They were coming to Clairmont and another building’s fire alarm went off. They thought I had burned their apartment down! They were relieved to see the breaded pork chops, green beans, yams, and cheesecake instead of a burned kitchen.

HCE: Who is your celebrity crush?
P: Mila Kunis… hands down.

HCE: What is your favorite chick flick?
P: Thats a tough one, I would have to go with Love Actually. Its a great romantic comedy, especially for Christmas and New Years.

HCE: Who do you aspire to be?
P: I aspire to be my father. I believe that he embodies many of the things I want to achieve. I have looked up to him all my childhood and continue to look up to him today.

HCE: What is your favorite song?
P: My favorite song has to be Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band ft Jimmy Buffett because it is a relaxing song about getting away and enjoying life.

HCE: What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
P: I would have to say, scare off a black bear in the smokey mountains while leading an OEO trip. I am thankful that everyone was safe and for the help of two other hikers in scaring off the bear.

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