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Need a Laugh? READ ME!

Honestly, spring semester is hard. Harder than fall semester by a long shot. You come back from your precious vacation in January only to get hit with a snowstorm, then a barrage of classes, exams, a water outage, a break that goes by in a second, and then you’re thrown back into the chaos of housing selection and midterms and summer jobs and a checklist as long as your arm. It’s the worst. People say it and they mean it: college is hard. What’s important gets blurred, and it’s so easy to spiral into a breakdown at the smallest of conflicts. Despite all of the chaos, however, it’s important to take a breather. Allow yourself some flexibility, some freedom, and most importantly, some unadulterated joy. If you don’t know where to start, I have one word for you: Vine. Here are my favorite vine compilations, for any bad situation, that make everything better (or at least make me think everything is better). Take a break, bookmark for later, whatever you need to do, just enjoy.

Vines that will make your day better

Vines that will cure the deepest sadness

Vines to laugh to when you’re alone and free to laugh like an idiot  

Vines for a good time

Vines to watch when you’re sad that you got stuck with Woody as housing

Vines to watch when you only had a mediocre salad for dinner because the DUCling was out of any edible food

Vines that are even better after a glass of wine

Vines that play on loop in my head during class

Maddy Knight is a senior in Emory's College of Arts and Sciences with a double major in Spanish and Linguistics. She plans on attending law school once graduating. Maddy likes all animals with fur, spending time with her friends and family, and has been writing for Her Campus since high school. 
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