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My Top 5 Feel-Good and Mindless Youtube Channels

Hey guys, and welcome back to my channel! I’m Orly, and this week I’m going to tell you about how I’ve watched every single thing on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video while in quarantine. I have to pass the time somehow, and we both know schoolwork just isn’t the answer. So, I’ve turned to YouTube! I’ve spent hours and hours finding interesting stuff on YouTube, and even though you may have ample time on your hands, I’m saving you some time and recommending some really great channels to dive into during this quarantine. Hopefully there’s something here that interests you, but if not, there’s about 17 billion other things on YouTube, so I’m sure you’ll find something! Here are my 5 favorite feel-good, mindless YouTube channels. 

1. Cut

Cut is really great because they have a bunch of different channels and video types. The group refers to itself as a storytelling group, and each video is about random strangers. Some of my favorites include Fear Pong (like regular beer pong except each cup has a dare on the bottom of it) and Lineup (one person guesses something about a lineup of people, like a bartender guessing who is underage). When you’re in the mood for something less game-y, Cut has a channel called “Keep It 100,” where 100 people offer an opinion or idea about something. One of my favorites is “100 People Give Us Their Hot Take.” Beware – with so much content to look through, Cut might just be an hours-long Youtube internet black hole, so set some extra time aside for this one. 

2. Milk Street Television

Each episode is around 25 minutes long and includes 2 recipes. There’s usually a regional theme to the episode; for example, the first episode ever released is called “Home Cooking, Chinese Style.” The host is the cutest man in a bow tie and spectacles, and there truly is an episode for all of our favorite foods. If you have a culinary flair, all of the recipes are available, and you could even cook along with the episodes. 

3. David Dobrik 

I know I’m late to this game, and you may have seen every single David Dobrik vlog that exists. BUT, I just discovered the stupidity and amazingness that is David’s Vlogs, and I’m thinking about moving to LA and trying to become David’s new assistant. Each vlog is just over 4 minutes, so it’s snappy, quick, always funny. Some episodes include some crazy science experiments or some last-minute getaway to Vegas, but my personal favorites are his feel-good moments of generosity, where he gives his best friend a car, or pays off a stranger’s student debt. I hope you’ll also find it hard not to be invested in the Vlog Squad’s friendships, and it’s not just me missing my own friends!

4. Jimmy Fallon

I know The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is actually a TV show, and so you might think this is cheating on the Youtube channel part of this article, BUT I promise I have good reason to include this on my list. Part of Jimmy’s thing is to invite celebrities on the show and have them play some game, and it’s always SO. FUNNY. My recent find is his “Google Translate Songs” bit, where he puts a popular song through Google Translate into some random language, and then back into English. The new lyrics often make no sense, but a celebrity has to then sing the song using the new lyrics in broken English. For example, “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish becomes “Evil Young Boy,” and that’s how the celebrity sings the song. It’s hard to explain, but I promise it’s so entertaining. Another favorite show is Catchphrase. There’s usually three celebrities plus Jimmy, and the games get crazy. Highly recommended. 

5. NPR Music: Tiny Desk Concert

I love music, and Tiny Desk Concert features some of my favorite artists playing some of their hit songs for a small crowd behind a tiny, tiny desk. It’s a super small and super intimate setting, there’s no autotune, and the personalities of the stars really come out. Personal favorites include Mac Miller, Adele, and Lizzo, but there’s so many more, and sure to be one of your favorite artists. 

Hopefully, I’ve provided you with maybe a couple of hours of entertainment for your quarantine. We’re all looking for ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained, and with YouTube, the possibilities are endless! Happy surfing, everyone!

Orly Golub

Emory '21

Orly is a junior at Emory University from Houston, Texas. She is a double major in Creative Writing and Political Science. You can find her reading, writing, napping, sweating and panting at Corepower, or staying up way too late finding new music on Spotify.
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