An Introvert in Today’s Online World

Today’s school experience is much different from what it usually is. With everything on Zoom and Canvas, it has become increasingly difficult for everyone to make connections with those in our classes, that’s just a given. We can’t linger after class to spark conversation with others or meet people during group work or when we’re settling in for class. And breakout rooms just aren’t the same, and we all know it. On top of all of it, it’s even more difficult for introverts.


As an introvert, I understand all too well the struggle of meeting people, starting conversations, or even just being present, and that’s just in a normal, in-person world. But with everything online, it takes away the push to meet people. It quickly became much easier to just lie in bed, keep my camera off, and avoid interactions at all with any new people. Zoom gives us the option to turn our camera off, turn our microphone off, and essentially stay out of the class entirely. Instead of sitting at a desk, surrounded by others and forced to make eye contact with your professors and classmates, your presence becomes a name in a little black box on a computer screen, and that’s just easier for us. But despite the ease and relief of it all, I think it’s as important as ever that introverts (and everyone, really) make an effort. 


Even if you just leave your camera on, or promise yourself that you’ll talk at least once each class, it can really make all the difference. Do your best to go out of your comfort zone, even if it feels unnatural at first. The more you normalize making an effort and going one step further in this online world, the easier it will become, and the more you will be relaxed when we go back in person. Go the extra mile and do your best, it will be so rewarding in the future!