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How to Succeed Academically during a Virtual Semester

I’ve heard from many of my friends and peers that this past semester has been so much harder in terms of motivation and focus.


Here are a few things to remember!


  1. This semester is difficult for many people, and that is okay. 

If you have been struggling with mental health or falling behind with assignments, that is normal for the situation you’re in. There are many things you can try in order to reach your full potential in this situation, but it is valid if you are struggling.


  1. Take breaks! Remember to eat!

I’ve been hearing from many students that sitting at one desk all day can cause them to forget to take breaks, or even forget to eat! If you don’t eat and then become hungry, dizzy or faint, you certainly aren’t going to be performing your best on any exams or assignments you are trying to complete. If you are used to eating with friends, you could try eating with your family when they are home or calling friends while you eat.


  1. Try to connect with people!

If you are missing the in-person experience, make sure you are turning on your camera if you can, and participating in your break out rooms. Professors don’t enjoy teaching to blank Zoom tiles that are always muted. Forming relationships with professors and peers is an important part of success in an in-person classroom, so attempting to forge a similar connection in your Zoom classrooms might help you pay attention in your lectures and feel more comfortable asking questions if you don’t understand something.


Here are some helpful tools that you should definitely consider taking advantage of if you don’t already use these resources at Emory and are struggling this semester:


  1. OUE

Struggling to get all your work done or to remember deadlines?

OUE can give you tools and resources to improve your time management and organization… even if you think you already know all of the strategies that exist, you probably don’t!


  1. EPASS Peer Tutors

Struggling in a large lecture class can be intimidating, especially if the professor’s office hours are also packed with students. EPASS Peer Tutors can be helpful, especially if you are someone who feels like their question might be something dumb, or something you should already know. 


  1. LA Sessions

This is also a tip mostly for those larger lecture classes. LA Sessions provide helpful worksheets that are often as challenging as some of the problems on your exam will be. They will help you work through the worksheet even if you get stuck. The LAs are also super helpful resources for any course questions you might have.


I am currently a sophomore at Emory majoring in English and Biology! I also run the hurdles for Emory's track team. When I'm not running or studying, I enjoy hiking, reading or listening to almost every genre of music.
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