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How to Shop on a College Budget

Have you been to the ATM recently and found that the money in your bank account seems to slowly but surely be
dwindling away? Have fro-yo runs with friends, club events, or late-night food deliveries been eating the money out of your pockets? We all know that life as a college student isn’t as luxurious as the movies make it out to be. You can’t just hop in your convertible with your friends to spend hours on end buying out every store in the mall. But, with our help, you can learn to shop on a tight college budget.

While big department stores such as Nordstroms or Bloomingdales always manage to draw you into the store with their flashy displays of clothes or shoes that you can’t live without, Forever 21 and Target have the same exact styles for less than half the price. Why spend $100, if you can spend $25?

This David Lerner mini dress found online at shopbop.com is sold for $220 (available here).


If you are looking for that little black dress to wear clubbing, you can save $197.20. Forever21 sells a similar dress for a much more affordable price of $22.80 (available here).


How many times have you looked in your closet for a tight skirt to pair with a crop top? Looking for a great deal? Try saving $135.01. You could spend $148 at BCBG for this high-wasted banded skirt, or you could spend $12.99 at Target on this look-alike striped skirt.

(BCBG)                                                                                    (Target)


Ever realized that the prices for shoes just keep getting exponentially higher? Don’t worry, you can still find comfy, yet fashionable shoes for less.

Every girl needs a tan pump in her closet. You could spend $169.95 at Nordstrom on this Dolce Vita peep-toe sling back, or you could spend $22.80 at Forever 21 on this similar shoe.

(Nordstrom)                                                              (Forever21)


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