How to Make the Most of the End of Your Semester

1. Explore something new in your town

Lots of us get caught up in our school work and extracurriculars during the semester, and we forget to explore our college towns. This semester, take advantage of the nice weather and get out and explore! Most places have spring festivals of some sort, which are always fun to go to. In Atlanta specifically, you can head out to the Dogwood Festival, Inman Park Festival, and Decatur Arts Festival. Check ‘em out!

2. Throw an end of the year party and reconnect with old friends

There’s nothing like an end of the year party to round out the semester! Think cute summer clothes, cold drinks, and maybe even a bonfire when the sun goes down. These parties are even better when you invite some old friends that you haven’t seen a while. Spending the evening catching up and introducing them to new friends that they might not know makes for a great time!


3. Take some time for yourself

The end of the spring semester can be crazy hectic. You have to think about exams, final papers, and what you’ll do over the summer. During this time of high strain, it’s important to make time for yourself. Get your hair cut, get your nails done, try out a new face mask, or just lay outside and bask in the sun. Pick an activity that helps you relax, and schedule time for it specifically. Chances are, you’ll get too busy with school and friends if you don’t carve out some time in your schedule for yourself!


4. Enjoy the nice weather

There is literally nothing better than the first day you wear shorts or a dress after a long, cold winter. Take advantage of the nice weather and do something outside! Maybe lounge by the pool or study in a park. If you’re an Emory student, go for a stroll in Piedmont Park or hike up Stone Mountain. It’s especially beautiful at dawn (if you can get yourself up that early on your days off). Spring is also a great time to break out those cute summer clothes you’ve been hiding and take some pictures with friends. Go ahead, we won’t judge!​5. End your semester with a fun trip with friends

Once everyone is done with finals and has packed up their rooms, why not do something fun? Maybe take a road trip to a nearby town you’ve never been to before! Or, if you have a little more time (and money lol travel is expensive), head down to Miami or Mexico for some real summer fun!