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How to Dress for Class in the Atlanta Heat

It’s the beginning of a new semester every fashionista is obviously focused on what to wear to class each day. But how can you manage to dress cute and trendy when plagued with the humid heat of Atlanta? Here are some quick and easy tips that will allow you to always look and feel your best for class.

Flowy Skirts
Instead of the typical jean shorts found in every girl’s closet, try wearing a flowy skirt instead. A flowy skirt will allow you to pick up on what little breeze there is in the humid air. And an added plus, a flowy skirt not only serves the purpose of beating the heat, but it is sure to impress any onlookers.

Loose-fitting Tops
While it’s been said that “girls don’t sweat, they glisten”, the truth of the matter is that it’s impossible to avoid sweating in Atlanta, no matter what your gender. So how do you hide embarrassing sweat marks on your clothes? Instead of wearing tight tops, try wearing a looser fitting top while the weather is hot. A loose-fit will hide any sweat, making you look completely put together for class, and certain colors, like white, will show less sweat then others.

With Atlanta’s weather forecast constantly in the upper 80s to mid 90s, the most important tip to remember is to allow your body to breathe. Not only is it important to wear loose fitting tops and skirts, but it is equally as important to let your feet get some air, too. Save your flats for when the weather cools down, and stick to sandals for now. Show off your pedicures, while providing your feet with comfort and air.

Every fashionista wants to look her best from head to toe. We have taken care of the rest of the body, but how do you protect your hair from the heat and humidity? My advice is to be proactive. Nothing is worse than spending hours curling or straightening your hair for it to only be ruined the second you step out into Atlanta’s humid air. Instead, why not try putting your hair up and adding a cute accessory for a little flavor.

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