How To Be ~Cooler~ Than The Rest

It's the most wonderful time of the year: #formalszn!! For those of you ladies heading to a frat formal in these next few weeks, it's time to get your Picasso on and get your date an incredible cooler that he can show off to his friends. If you're looking for some inspo, that's what we're here. Check out these designs for some foolproof ways to make sure that you're dates cooler is, well.... the coolest. 

1. The Patagonia Theme


Patagonia has become a signature way to make an arsty cooler design. The logo is fun and gives you a lot to work with, meaning that there are ample ways to incorporate this theme into your cooler. Whether you decide to totally hack this "Fratagonia" idea or just paint the logo inside your date's name, this is a classic way to add an aesthetically pleasing design to your cooler. 

(Cooler Creds: Adee Jakob)

2. The Favorite Drink

Asking your date what his favorite drink is makes for an easy way to cover an idea for one side of the cooler. As fancy as this example looks, it's simpler than you think: just modge-podge it! Considering the cooler will be filled with drinks, it's only fitting that you dedicate a side to it anyway, right? 

(Cooler Creds: Sam Lutt)

3. The "Bagels and Lox, My Cooler Rocks" Theme 


Given that some frat formals fall on Passover, why not incorporate some Jewish pride into your cooler? Given that we go to a school with one of the largest Jewish populations in the country, you won't be the only one to appreciate this. It's funny, unique, and sure to make a statement. 

(Cooler Creds: Pauline Wizig)

4. The TV Show Theme


Netflix and chill pretty much defines our generation at this point, so it's only natural to incorporate a TV show theme into your cooler. Whether you go with this Central Perk theme or pick another show, be sure to pick a show concept that most people will recognize to get some killer complements on your cooler and creativity. 

(Cooler Creds: Rachel Sirotkin)

5. The Location Theme

Plain and simple: where are you going? Make it into a postcard theme or do something about the beachy atmosphere of the place to make sure that you give credit to the location that you're spending this incredibly fun weekend at. 

(Cooler Creds: Lori Linkewer) 

No matter what themes you choose to go with, have fun with it! Let your creative side come out and do something fun in order to stand out. More importantly, enjoy formal!