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Now that summer is slowly (so slowly) bleeding into autumn, it’s time to start thinking about our fall wardrobes.

While Atlanta likes to take her sweet time cooling down, it’s never too early to transition to fall colors. While summer is all about cool brights and whites, fall is all about warmer, neutral hues.

Browns, beiges, and creams go beautifully together. They make for a sophistocated and sweet style.

If you’re going for a more structured look, go for a moss or army green. This color cropped up in every store-front window this month and is definitely worth a try, whether it’s in a pair of pants, shoes, or a nice sweater.

Camel is another classic—this warm shade looks good on virtually any skin tone and with any outfit. If you’re really ready to take the plunge into fall, try a camel coat! I’m not sure you could get any more classic than that.

The best part about fall colors is that they all match each other seamlessly, whether you’re pairing maroon pants with a camel sweater, or three different shades of brown. If you have a few staples in these colors, you’ll be set for the entire season!

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