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Buckles and Zippers: Functional Fashion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.


Zippers and buckles both go beyond their duty as functional pieces and transcend seamlessly into chic accents. While formerly these metallic fastenings were reserved for practical purposes, fashion takes these devices to a new dimension.

By mixing hardware, such as buckles, with soft suede, it provides an unexpected contrast to your look. Sticking with one type of fastener is a simple way to merge this footwear trend into your daily look.

For the more daring fashionista, try incorporating a pair of boots that feature both zippers and buckles in order to add some serious edginess to your look. Passers-by will have no choice but to stop and stare at the major hardware on display, zippers and buckles may actually come in handy for their inevitable jaw-dropping reaction.

With the current Atlanta weather creeping down into the low 40s, there’s no excuse not to own a pair of fierce boots for this winter season. Rocking a pair of zippered and/or buckled boots will give a definite kick to your style. 

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