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3 Steps to Help You Remember to Love Yourself

As people are often told, it is important to love yourself — to appreciate and embrace all of your quirky habits and characteristics. This phenomenon is definitely most applicable in college.

College is a time when you’re constantly meeting new people and probably seeking social affirmation. Sometimes in the process, it can be easy to lose your true self. So, instead of treating college as a process of fitting in, think of it as a way to be yourself. Here are a few ways to make sure you stay in touch with who you really are.

  1. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself

There are certain things in life no one can control — and some of those things happen to be negative. So, why increase negativity in your life by allowing things you can control to bother you? If you have a certain “friend” or group of people who don’t make you feel confident about the person you are, then they aren’t really your friends. Surround yourself with people who also embrace your quirky habits and accept you for who you are. That’s the only way to truly be happy.


  1. Try new things, to an extent

College is a place to try new things – to be adventurous and jump out of your comfort zone every now and then. Students should take advantage of this by trying new things even if it may seem scary at the beginning. It’s better to make a few mistakes in college than in the real world. However, it’s important to note the limits of this. It’s still important to be safe, and if you try something new that you don’t like, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do it again.


  1. Don’t stop doing what you love

While college is a place to try new things, it’s still important to stay true to your personality and the activities you enjoy doing. Even if you think you have no free time in college, you’re probably wrong. If you love reading, allocate a few hours each week to continue reading and spend less time on social media. If you enjoy running, make time to exercise a few times a week. Little things like that can increase your love for yourself more than you can probably imagine.

Hopefully this gives you a glimpse of how to still be the person you were throughout your childhood, while also branching out and growing as a person. Loving yourself can easily happen if you do what you love and spend time with people who love you.

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