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You Know Stephen King? Well, He Has the Cutest Dog Ever…

We all know Stephen King, right?  Writer of IT, The Shining, and Carrie?  He is basically one of the best horror authors of this day and age.  

He happens to be a born and raised Mainer, as am I. Because of this connection, I have a deep appreciation for the man.  That respect led me to follow him on Instagram, and what I found was better than I could have expected.

Meet Molly, aka The Thing of Evil!  He got the cute little monster in December of 2014 and it has been true love between the two ever since.

Molly got her nickname soon after devouring her first bed and ever since, the name stuck!

Look at that scary face!

All dog toys had better beware!

To be honest, I would be fine if she conquered Boston, too…

No jail can hold her!

Now we see where Stephen King gets his inspiration-- from the most ruthless and terrifying dog out there!

Hannah Lynam

Emmanuel '19

Hannah Lynam is currently an undergraduate at Emmanuel College with a major in Biology: Health Sciences. This is her third year as part of Her Campus and she is more than excited to eat more Georgetown Cupcakes, go to fashion shows, and spend time with her chapter! She has a deep obsession with seals, sweets, and all things L.L. Bean!
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