You are a Badass Book Review

I am sure everyone has seen this bright yellow book on a stand in the book store since its release, and I would just like to say that it was completely worth buying. I chose to buy You are a Badass in an airport on my way to a family trip somewhere warm for Thanksgiving break. The thought behind buying this book was for the purpose of something to pick me up when I’m down. Between classes, work, homework, and spending time with friends, I was struggling to find time to check in with myself and to regroup with my values in who I am. So, while I was on my trip, I woke up every morning, went for a walk on the beach, and then sat in a hammock and read a chapter of this book.


            The book writes in the tone of a friend speaking to you about being motivated and positive about this life you were given. The author, Jen Sincerio, takes this approach of looking at all the good things you can be grateful for, and how to continue to see life as a journey you were given to live to the fullest amount you can give it. She explains the power of having “The Universe” as a person to talk to if you are not religious, and to say thank you to in each step of your day. She also talks about the values behind acknowledging a situation that makes you upset. She advises that you write it down and come back to it with a solution. From personal experience, I can say that these simple little suggestions like writing things down can be a great way to step away from the problem and leave it in order to move forward with the rest of your day.


            Her outlook on life was exactly what I needed to step away from school and stress, and reboot to see out the rest of the semester with a positive perspective. This book helped me to block out the noise and fall back into what is important to me instead of stressing the small stuff that goes on. I find myself to this day still opening up to a random chapter and rereading her attitude on situations and finding ways to resolve my current stress. This book can become a tool to you for experiences and emotions you take on in your life and an option for finding the light at the end of the tunnel when you feel like you’ll never get there.