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Why You Should Wear Black on Valentine’s Day

Ohhh Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a relationship, it’s just like any other day except you have an excuse to make your babe buy you red roses and have another excuse to post a #ValentinesDay pic with your lover.  If you’re single like me, it is just like every other damn day – except you feel 10x more single. Each year the store windows are plastered with pink & red decorations, along with advertisements to entice you to buy your “Special Someone” something sweet, sparkly and kinky. My question is, why don’t y’all shower each other with love everyday instead of waiting for February 14th? Food for thought…

Personally, rocking heart earrings and red sweaters just isn’t my forte – in fact, I’m just not a fan of this “holiday” unless you’re celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’ and splurge on 75% off chocolate the next day at CVS.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity because you’re single, you should ditch the red sweater with hearts and rock a black ensemble on V-Day. *hair flip* Here’s why:

Mourn the Loss of Your Nonexistent Love Life, But Embrace Your Independence

You do NOT need a man or a significant other to be happy. Self-love is what we should all be celebrating here people!! Wearing all black to someone may communicate that your mourning the loss of another. Well, they’re kind of right. You are actually mourning the loss of having no love life. Yeah that actually sounds pretty depressing but let me tell you one thing: only YOU can make yourself happy and only YOU can control your future. Love thy self.

Look Badass

Black is my favorite color. When I wear all black I feel like I can kick someone’s ass but also be CEO of my very own company. When I wear all black I am unstoppable. You should wear black because those tacky heart earrings have got… to go. Trade that hot pink ugly sweater for a leather jacket and instead of looking like your falling for this materialistic holiday, you’ll look like the Queen who’s about to make the next guy who comes into your life look like a King.

“Single Ladies” Unite

Imagine the movement we can create. If wear all black, together we can make a statement. A statement that we don’t need one day a year to show love to others. We shouldn’t need an excuse to show love. Whether that being love to another individual or to yourself. We don’t need one day to be all lovey-dovey and spend money on cheap chocolates and flowers that will die in one day. We don’t need no man to be happy. We don’t need an excuse to give our lovers a reason to treat us right.

*drops the mic*

Here’s a little outfit inspo by yours truly:

$18.90, Etsy     

$60.00, Topshop            

$25.00, Primark             $34.99, H&M  

$18.95, Etsy

Jamie is a senior Communication & Media Studies major with a minor in Graphic Design at Emmanuel College in Boston. Currently she is concentrating her studies in PR and digital media. She serves as the PR Director for the HerCampus Emmanuel chapter.
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