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Wholesome Content Creators Getting Me Through Daylight Savings

New England’s weather is getting colder and the sun is setting at 5:00, which means it’s even harder to enjoy the daylight between work and class. These content creators have been giving me the serotonin boost I need during this weird transition, and hopefully do the same for you!

Cooking With Lynja 

Lynja (pronounced lin-jah) is the cutest old lady I’ve ever seen. She posts hundreds of cooking shorts on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram and can edit better than half of the creators out there. She often jokes that she sounds like Marge Simpson and keeps up with all the latest memes. Being a survivor of throat and esophageal cancer, Lynja and her son participate in Cookies for Cancer every year. Her constant positivity on top of her amazing recipes keep her viewers (the Lynja Turtles) happy all day long. 

Zeth & Saylor

Zeth and Saylor are the best father-daughter duo out there. Dad, Zeth, never interrupts Saylor when she tells a story, and he always follows up with questions that keep the conversation going. It’s so heartwarming to see their dynamic and to hear Saylor’s imagination run wild. My favorite story is about her friends Kiera and Violet who drive pink Lamborghinis to the surf shop with her. I can’t wait to watch her grow up!

Sweet Impact

Robert Lucas, aka Sweet Impact on social media, has an infectious smile with creative videos to match. He’s a self-taught cake decorator who can sing! He’ll even add his own song covers over his tutorials. This trick or treat cake was the first one I saw him decorate and he was so fun to watch. He replies and hearts as many comments as he can and is always there when you need a pick-me-up.  

Grey and Mama 

CEO of “Thank you, Mama” and overall cuteness is baby Grey! His mom films their interactions as she hands him snacks, and he’ll always answer with a gentle “Thank you, Mama!” My favorite part is how polite he is. Sometimes his mom will hand him huge platters as a joke and he’s too sweet to say no! He also waits for his mom to answer with, “You’re welcome,” before leaving. Their uploads aren’t frequent, which makes them all the more special. 

Thanks for reading my list! I know we could all use some extra joy right now. Find some time to look for your favorite animals, cute babies, new recipes, or anything else that makes you smile. The tiniest things can turn an ordinary day into a great one.

Christina Puleo

Emmanuel '23

Christina is a Junior at Emmanuel College majoring in Writing, Editing & Publishing and minoring in Communications. When she's not reading or making art, you can find her taking long walks while listening to her favorite podcasts "Rotten Mango" and "Dark History."