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Which Zodiac Signs are the Euphoria Characters?

If you’re anything like me, each week feels like a massive build up to Sunday night. Sunday night at 9:00pm to be exact. If you’re not then you may be a bit confused by that intro, but that’s okay!! I’m talking about EUPHORIA!!!!! If you clicked on this article you probably already know what I’m talking about here when I say the excitement for each episode is unmatched. Anyways, I thought I’d make a little list on what astrological sign I think each of the characters are. I’m always used to being right (Taurus sun with Sagittarius moon…) so this is the 100% official list.

Kat (Aries)

No one should be surprised by this one. She radiates the bold energy that aries embody and as a fire sign sticks to her truth and her guns. However, she also has trouble fully embracing herself and fully seeing how powerful she is which can be a tendency for different Aries.

Fez (Taurus)

Fez <3 the true Taurus. He is grounded and honestly so stubborn that he will always defend his point and what he thinks is right. When he (spoiler) beat Nate up he absolutely owned it and kept to it. He will always defend his friends and his people before all else. However, it can be a bit rash at times and that’s why the taurus is the bull.

McKay (Gemini)

Oh McKay, in my opinion Geminis get a bad rep. When he was with Cassie he went back and forth but at his core he always stayed loyal to her. He would sometimes act a bit harsh towards her when he felt as though she made a mistake, but that was his other half coming out when the other half he would be a great boyfriend.

Gia (Cancer)

Listen, if I was in Gia’s shoes I too would be stressed and upset all the time. Gia doesn’t like to get involved in the arguments most of the time, but when she does… oh boy, watch out. Did you SEE how she was throwing hands at Rue when they were arguing. Cancer’s can truly be vicious even when we don’t see this side to them all the time. 

Maddy (Leo)

Truly the most confident and most fiery fire sign. She is always true to her core and will always stand up for herself because she knows her worth and what she needs. The conversation she had with Nate in the hottub at her birthday party? Yeah that’s Leo energy right there. And her hair is stunning absolute Leo hair on her head. 

Rue (Virgo)

Oh Rue, you have been making some choices this season. But she is absolutely an earth sign 100%. She comes off as messy, but she really has an organized way of going about things. When we get the glimpses inside her head she has a plan for things. They may not be great plans, but they’re organized and they happen. That’s one thing about a Virgo, if they set their mind to something you can absolutely count on that happening. 

Nate (Scorpio)

Okay, I know I’m not helping with further Scorpio slander by this choice but you cannot tell me I’m wrong. He is so strong minded and sets his mind to one thought and runs with it. He manipulates his brain into believing full force he is always correct. Now, Scorpios don’t always use this to manipulate, but they absolutely can convince anyone they are right… and they say taurus are the stubborn ones. 

Ethan (Libra)

Our pure gentleman Ethan. He only works so much with Kat because he just wants to do what’s right and keep her happy. Like c’mon when he said the line about how he hopes he gets hurt at the end of the relationship instead of her? Libra. Energy. Libra’s thrive off of acts of service, and need to actually take care of themselves a bit more too.

Jules (Aquarius)

She is so creative in the way she dresses that it just makes sense. The drastic change in her style from season one to now? It’s so different, but also still incredible. Her personality is so bold in her own unique way where it just makes sense and if anyone else tried to pull it off it wouldn’t work. 

Ali (Sagittarius) 

He is sticking to his guns and Rue is giving him absolute hell. He will never back down from what is his honest truth and will never stop trying to help Rue get clean. We know and see only so much of Ali, but he is confident in his endeavors and will not back down under any circumstances. 

Lexi (Capricorn)

Lexi is one driven character. I’d make the argument that she’s the only one with her life together. Capricorns once they put their mind to something absolutely will do anything it takes to achieve it. The play??? Yeah, Lexi wrote everything in her life down for that and is putting it on. Instead of continuing to wish her life was something different, she actively turned it into a “work of fiction” and that’s just iconic. 

Cassie (Pisces)

Cassie, Cassie, Cassie. I will be honest, I am a Cassie apologist; I will defend her until the end. Her behavior is true Pisces behavior with her making a choice and then having crippling anxiety over it for weeks to come but still continue to make that choice. Also her conversation with Nate in his room? Yeah, Pisces attitude right there with her “okay. Bye” response. 

And there you have it. Please don’t be offended or upset. I truly tried my best here and meant no harm.

Alyssa Martin

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Alyssa is currently a senior at Emmanuel College with a major in English Secondary Education. You can find her writing poetry, doing yoga, or binging one of her comfort shows.
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