What to Wear On Your Valentine’s Date

Valentine’s Day is... overwhelming. Between the dinner reservations, looking for a gift for your special someone, panicking you might be forever alone - it can be a lot!

Let me make myself clear: I have never been on a date on Valentine’s Day. I prefer Galentine’s Day. And thank goodness I haven’t because I can’t even imagine the stress I would put myself through to find the perfect outfit (that would more than likely include a leather jacket)!

Some dates like to take the nontraditional route and plan a day or night that doesn’t involve the  cliche roses and a fancy dinner shindig. Plus we’re in college, so who really has money for that?


But alas, wherever you may go, near or far, on this godforsaken day girls across the nation are screaming, “What the heck do I wear?”

*cue the Fairy Godmother*


Date #1: Cliche Fancy Dinner

The key to going all out at a fancy shmancy restaurant is dressing for my 3 C’s: comfort, class, and cupcakes (post-din din Georgetown Cupcakes, duh).


             Dress: Express


Date #2: Brunch

Your girl LOVES breakfast, so if a honny wants to knock it out of the park, a bottomless mimosa brunch is the way to my heart. The best part about brunch is you just need a look that’s cute and comfy, that will also be aesthetically pleasing if you want cute pics with bae.

Dress: Zara


Cardigan: Forever 21

Date #3: Casual Dinner + a Movie

Those dates where you plan on going to bae’s and yours go-to restaurant then catching a movie after are the best. So how do you dress for a super casual movie but spice up your usual hangout spot?

Twist Top: Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Forever 21

Date #4: Stay at Home Dinner + Wine + a Movie

Making bae dinner at home, popping open a bottle of wine, and cuddling on the couch is the best low maintenance date a girl could ask for. Luckily you don’t need to dress up for that if you don’t want to...


Crop Top: Urban Outfitters


Joggers: Aerie 


Date #5: Opera House/Play/Symphony

How romantic right? More dates should be at these places! And it’s an excuse to get all dolled up.


Jumsuit: Express


Coat: Forever 21


Date #6: Ice Skating Skating  

Something comfy, something cute, and can move around (fall) in? Got it.

Poplin Shirt: Zara


Jacket: Forever 21


Date #7: Girls Night

If you’re extra like me, Valentine’s Day is Galentine’s Day. A day to celebrate being badass (single or not) women. So go all out for a girls night, throw on that LBD, and have yourself a boujie shopping trip ending with a club appearance or tequila bar outing. Treat yo self.

LBD: Forever 21

Faux Fur: Forever 21

Date #8: With Yourself

Never feel pressured you have to do something on Valentine’s Day. As I said before it can be very overwhelming. At the end of the day it’s just another materialistic holiday, but it’s also a reminder to not just love others but love yourself. So wear what you are confident in on this day whether it’s sweats, heels, leather, jeans, whatever!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!