What Scares Me the Most and Why

Everyone is afraid of something, even if they won’t admit it. I’m someone who’s afraid of most things in life. If a bug flies in front of me, I scream. If there’s a noise in the corner of my dark room, I assume it’s a ghost. For anyone who cares, here are some things that scare me to my core.


1. Hotel Rooms


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

WATCH THIS: Inside Edition via YouTube

Hotel rooms might not be scary, but after you read this they’ll probably be on your list of top five things you’re most afraid of too. I have been afraid of hotel rooms for most of my life. f you think about it, there's only so much that can be done to cleanrooms where thousands of people sleep, eat, and shower. The first thing I do when I arrive in a hotel room is throw the comforter off the bed. From what I have read, it’s the dirtiest thing in a hotel room. A lot of hotels don’t bother to change them that often. In the video from Inside Edition linked above, a man checks into the hotel under his name and spray paints the sheets in washable pain that you can only see in blacklight. He checks out, and then the next day he checks in under a different name but stays in the same room. What he discovers in the sheets the next day is quite frankly shocking! Here’s a schedule from a three star hotel chain where they only clean the comforter QUARTERLY!



Think about the furniture in there besides the bed like the couches and chairs. How many times do you clean your couch? Exactly, never. It is highly doubtful the hotels are cleaning them too. And how many people stay in a hotel room a year... a lot.


2.) Bugs/Insects



Bugs/Insects are what I personally like to call… spawns of satan. I don’t like them, they usually don’t like me so they steer clear of my presence. I can’t even describe my hatred for these nasty beings. I hate spiders, butterflies, and even ladybugs. I mean, spiders are pretty obvious. They’re creepy and they can jump really high, usually towards you, which is a no go for me. Butterflies are another story. As a kid, I would get very scared of the close-up of the butterfly from the episode "Wormy" from Spongebob Squarepants. It zoomed in on an actual butterflies face and, not to be dramatic, but i scarred me for life. The noise it makes when you see the scary close up face… is a lot. When I was looking for a picture of it, all of the hair on my body stood up when I looked at it. Let’s just say I will never go in a butterfly garden.


3.) Ghosts/Demons



I’ve known about ghosts/demons since I was eight years old. I heard about Bloody Mary and Chucky on the playground and I was so scared I had to have a bathroom buddy because I didn’t want to be alone. I mean, just think about, there’s a figure that you do not know is good or bad and it can appear whenever they want to scare you… yeah, no thanks. I do NOT mess with ouija boards either. With my luck, one ghost would stick around and haunt me for the rest of my life. My motto is, if I don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with me. And if they do mess with me I plan on  moving into the basement of a church or a nunnery.

4.) Dying Alone


Let’s be real here, we all low-key don’t want to die alone. Yes, I have my family and friends, but I want a significant other next to my death bed telling me they love me and they will see me on the other side. I mean is that too much to ask for? At least I have a backup plan… I’ll just have five dogs who will love me unconditionally. More dogs means less drama, so who’s the real winner here…. Thank u, next.


5.) The Dark



People who say they aren’t afraid of the dark are liars, liars, liars! You’re telling me, if you are in a pitch black room, you wouldn’t be scared? If you’re walking in a dark room and you are telling me you aren’t scared, well you my friend are not human and sorry, I can’t relate.

These are just five things I’m afraid of. There are A LOT more, but those are definitely top five on the list of things people are afraid. According to this post from Science Made Simple,  public speaking, spiders, confined spaces, heights, and zombies are the top fears known among people living in the US. These are some of my fears, but who knows what might scare me in the next couple months?