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What to Expect at Dance Marathon 2017

Dance Marathon has recently become one of the biggest events on campus, with a grand total of $120,609.97 raised for 2016 in its 5th year. The committee works all year to prepare and fundraise for this event. If you have never been, why not stop by this year? It’s this Saturday night and runs all night into Sunday morning.  

You can expect a variety of foods, all being donated from local shops. Some of the donations include Olive Garden, Regina Pizzeria, J.P. Licks, and many others. Besides these shops, some of the school clubs will be making food as well, such as pancakes from Habitat for Humanity and smoothies from Her Campus. These are just some of the options, and the board members made sure that there will be plenty of food options to choose from throughout the entire night and event.  

                                                             [Revealing the total amount raised for 2016 with some of the Miracle Children]

Along with all of the food, the board has events scheduled for the whole night.  Some things to look forward to include a dance party and the choreographed morale dance, which is done every hour throughout the night. Fun games and activities will also take place, like a human version of the classic board game, Hungry Hungry Hippos. Make sure to stop by and see what the Dance Marathon Board has planned for this year’s event, because you won’t be disappointed.

If you make it through the entire night, or stop by in the morning, you have the opportunity to see some of the Miracle Children from Boston Children’s Hospital. This is one of the best parts: being able to see them walk into the gym after you have been standing on your feet for 12 hours straight.  If you cannot stay the whole night, I recommend trying to stop by Sunday morning to see the children.

Shawna Antonelli, the Hospitality Committee Leader, says she is “so excited to see all of the board’s hard work paying off and being able to donate to the kids at the hospital. It’s all worth it and it’s FTK (for the kids)!” So, whether you have plans for this Saturday or not, you should stop by Dance Marathon, which starts at 10pm in the gym. Think of the children at the hospital and how rewarding this experience will be!

Hi my name is Jess Tartaglio and I am a current sophomore at Emmanuel College in Boston. I am studying for a bachelor's in graphic design with a minor in business. Along with Her Campus I dance through Colleges of the Fenway.
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