What are Angel Numbers?

Have you ever looked down at your phone to check the clock, and the past three times you’ve looked, it’s been 1:11? Or maybe the past few times you’ve been to the movies you’ve sat in row 5 seat 55. While these may seem like coincidence, according to the theory of Angel Numbers, this is actually angels trying to communicate with you! They’re aware they cannot physically come to you, so they do so through subtle messages such as numbers that you’ll only be able to see it if your mind is open to it.

According to beliefnet.com, angel numbers are a complex way of receiving messages and interpreting them. First, it’s said that an angel will guide you to look at a clock or license plate to see what they are trying to show you, and then the numbers will be revealed. The angels hope that you are aware and see what they’re sending to you, and then look into what it means and what they want you to know. Those who know more about this phenomenon are better at interpreting the messages and are able to receive even more in-depth messages from angels.

Here’s a breakdown of what each Angel Number means:


Image courtesy of Personnel Today

As partly expected, the number 0 resembles the beginning to your spiritual or personal journey. It also can mean nothingness and the beginning of a brand new stage in your life.



Similar to the number 0, 1 is a number that is usually seen often in your life. What it means is the universe is offering you new opportunities and it’s a reminder to stay focused on your own personal desires.



The number 2 may reappear when you’re starting to waver on your faith either in yourself or the energies in the universe. It’s sent down to you as a reminder to have faith and courage in your angels, because even if it may be a trying time there is an overall purpose.



The number 3 has the meaning of positive affirmation. It’s supposed to remind you to use your abilities for the greater good. The number three also resembles the holy trinity.



The number four is the number of existing, being, and living. It’s said to resemble home and structure, so if you see it every so often maybe that’s something that you’re yearning for more of.



The number five can have multiple meanings depending on where you are in your romantic life. If you see it every now and again then it’s your angels trying to tell you to do something different with your love life.



Six means that you need to spend more time trying to find balance in your life. It could mean that you’re overworking yourself and need some self care for example.



The number seven is one of the most spiritual and powerful numbers. It’s considered a number of protection, so if you see it, it could be a sign that your angels are watching out for you a little extra in that moment.



Eight is a sign of abundance coming your way soon. It’s the angels showing you that something great will be coming soon, and it’s meant to be for you.



The number nine is the highest of the single digit numbers which also means that it’s the number with the highest vibration and it’s one of the most spiritual numbers. It resembles a spiritual awakening and enlightenment that could be happening in your life.

There aren’t coincidences in life; everything happens for a reason. Keep an eye out for the numbers that you keep finding throughout your daily routine,  and make sure to thank your angels!