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Taylor Swift Songs for your Valentine’s Day Playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emmanuel chapter.

With February 14 just around the corner, I’ve found myself seeking out love songs and looking for playlists to get me in the Valentine’s Day spirit, and what other Spotify artist page would I land on other than that of the one and only, Taylor Swift. Taylor’s music is among my favorites of all time, and is especially perfect for this time of year. 

I’ve picked out some of my favorite Taylor tracks to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist, depending on how you’re celebrating this year: 

If you’re looking for the classic Valentine’s Day night: Love Story (Taylor’s Version) 

    Love Story is a classic song that most everybody knows, and Taylor just re-recorded her new version of this track, which she just released this week. Add this song to your playlist if you’re looking for some classic gushy Valentine’s Day vibes. 

Favorite lyric: “This love is difficult, but it’s real” 

If you’re looking for romantic fairytale vibes: Enchanted 

    Enchanted, off of Taylor’s Speak Now album is a great “old-Taylor” throwback love song. With it’s whimsical lyrics, Enchanted has a classic fairytale sound that makes it perfect for any playlist about love. 

Favorite lyric: “My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again” 

If you’re looking for something more upbeat: Paper Rings 

    Paper rings is a super upbeat love song, and not only does it have super sweet lyrics, but it’s also perfect for a playlist that you’re planning on dancing to. 

Favorite lyric: “Kiss me once ‘cause you know I had a long night, kiss me twice ‘cause it’s gonna be alright, three times ‘cause I’ve waited my whole life”

If you’re dealing with heartbreak or a recent breakup on Valentine’s Day: Death by a Thousand Cuts

    This song is one of my favorite Taylor songs ever, and it is the perfect go-to if you’re going through some form of heartbreak. DBATC gives you those heartbroken lyrics alongside an upbeat tempo, keeping the song from making things too sad. 

Favorite lyric: “My heart, my hips, my body, my love, trying to find a part of me that you didn’t touch, gave up on me like I was a bad drug” 

If you’re a tragically hopeless romantic: the lakes

    the lakes, which is one of the bonus tracks off of Taylor’s folklore album, is a sophisticatedly romantic song, with a bit of darkness to it. It’s the perfect song for a love song playlist with a hint of hopelessness while still being insanely romantic. 

Favorite lyric: “Those Windermere peaks look like a perfect place to cry, I’m setting off, but not without my muse” 

If you’re just starting out in a new relationship: Delicate 

    Delicate is a pretty upbeat Taylor song that is perfect if you’re just starting to catch feelings for someone. It’s sweet and romantic, but not a full-out love song, and it’s perfect if you’re looking for a not-so-intense romance playlist. 

Favorite lyric: “We can’t make any promises now, can we, babe? But you can make me a drink” 

If you’re single and loving it: I Forgot that You Existed 

    Not only is this a great song in general, but it’s also perfect if you’re just feeling yourself as a single and not too worried about finding a Valentine this year. 

Favorite lyric: “I thought that it would kill me but it didn’t, and it was so nice, so peaceful and quiet” 

If you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day: Gorgeous 

    Gorgeous is one of those songs that is just upbeat and happy, and it’s great for a dance or party playlist, even if you’re just doing something fun with your friends. 

Favorite lyric: “You make me so happy it turns back to sad, there’s nothing I hate more than what I can’t have” 

If this is your first time being in love on Valentine’s Day: You are In Love 

    You are in Love is one of the bonus tracks off of Taylor’s 1989 album, and it is potentially one of her most underrated tracks. I love this song because it talks about the excitement of falling in love with someone, and it is undeniably perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

Favorite lyric: “And you understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars, and why I’ve spend my whole life trying to put it into words” 

If you absolutely despise Valentine’s Day: no body, no crime 

    This track off of Taylor’s newest album, evermore, features the band Haim, and is an absolute bop. This song will make you feel extremely angry for absolutely no reason, but in the best way possible. It’s the perfect song if you need to get some anger out over an ex or someone who has wronged you, or if you’re just not feeling the whole Valentine’s Day thing. 

Favorite lyric: “That ain’t my Merlot on his mouth, that ain’t my jewelry on our joint account” 

If you’re looking for a more subtle love song: invisible string

    Invisible string has some of the best and romantic lyrics off of folklore, and I absolutely love this song because it isn’t in-your-face gushy and romantic. It’s super simple and sweet lyrics really make this song pure subtle romance at its finest. 

Favorite lyric: “Chains around my demons, wool to brave the season, one single thread of gold tied me to you” 

If you’re making a *spicy* playlist: False God 

    False God is one of my favorite Taylor songs ever–it has super sensual vibes and is the perfect song to set the mood on Valentine’s Day. 

Favorite lyric: “Staring out the window like I’m not your favorite town, I’m New York City, I still do it for you, babe” 

If you’re dedicating a playlist to your significant other: Lover 

    Lover is perhaps one of Taylor’s most classic love songs, and it is a perfect song to dedicate to someone else, especially your SO. I recommend this song for any playlist with sappy love songs. 

Favorite lyric: “My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue, all’s well that ends well to end up with you” 

These are just some of my favorite Taylor songs that all happen to be perfect for Valentine’s Day, whichever way you’re celebrating it. You can also check out my Spotify playlist, “The Best of Taylor Swift” if you’re looking for more!

Carly Silva

Emmanuel '21

Carly is a senior at Emmanuel College pursuing a major in English Writing, Editing, and Publishing, as well as Communications and Media Studies. She loves to write and has a particular fondness for poetry. Carly also loves reading on the beach, playing music, and hanging out with her dog, Mowgli.