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With tattoo shops reopening, those aesthetic tattoos we’ve pinned and saved can finally become a reality. I know I’ve been dying for a new one. However, some of us have a hard time narrowing down our options. After all, it’s a permanent decision. This list is here to show you the latest trends that just might push you to book a consultation.


Double Vision

Mexican artist Yatzil Elizalde popularized the concept of double-vision tattoos. She layers multiple versions of the same design to reach her desired effect. This method puts a bold new twist on the otherwise traditional practice of black and white designs.

Florals and Silhouettes

If there’s anything we’ve learned this year, it’s to be gentle with ourselves. Floral designs are effortlessly fun and whimsical. Plus, this trend could finally give you a reason to book an exotic trip. Paraguay’s Marcucho32 Art Studio specializes in delicate flowers and striking silhouettes, perfect for those wishing to show off their artistic side.

Watercolor Tattoos and Pops of Color

Strong line work is a staple in any tattoo trend. Artists like May at From May’s Tat in Los Angeles specialize in watercolor techniques that freshen up the simplest of sketches. Make a statement with any piece by adding a splash of color or realistic botanicals.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Not sure you want to commit to a larger piece? Then minimal designs are perfect for you. Single-needle art could be placed anywhere, such as behind or in the ear, on the hip bone, or on the side of the wrist. Plus, it could be fun for your friends to guess where your new ink is. Dawid at Circulo Collective in Portugal adds a personal touch to any delicate area. 

Hand-Poked Designs

Also known as “stick-and-poke,” hand-poked designs result in delicate lines and typically use one needle throughout. Going to a professional who specializes in this technique guarantees a stunning result not always promised with at-home stick-and-poke kits. Denver’s Billie St. Clair has perfected using minimal lines to create pieces that tell a story.

Remember to Have Fun

Whether your reasons for getting a tattoo are sentimental or aesthetic, they are all valid justifications. You don’t have to assign meaning to a piece that looks cool to you, and heartfelt designs are just as special. Take the pressure off of yourself and enjoy the experience! ​

Christina Puleo

Emmanuel '23

Christina is a Junior at Emmanuel College majoring in Writing, Editing & Publishing and minoring in Communications. When she's not reading or making art, you can find her taking long walks while listening to her favorite podcasts "Rotten Mango" and "Dark History."
Kailey is currently a senior at Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a Writing, Editing, & Publishing and Communications & Media Studies double major and hopes to one day enjoy writing as her profession. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, exploring Boston, and spending time with any dog she can find.