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Senior Send-Off: Carly Silva

Her Campus Executive Board Position: Editor, Chief, and Co-Correspondent for the past 2 years 

Major: Double major for Writing, Editing, and Publishing and Communications 

Minor: American Studies 

Senior Distinction Project: Romanticizing Romance, how we are affected by romantic media.

HCE: What was it like working on your senior distinction project?

Carly Silva: It was tiring and stressful, but rewarding. I kept nerding out, I was so excited about the results and developed a good relationship with my advisor. But I’m definitely excited for it to be done soon. For my project my advisor and I had talked about different theories comparing yourself to the media and the media's effects. I’ve always been obsessed with romance, and it kind of messed me up when I started having romantic relationships and realized the real world isn’t like what’s portrayed in the media. 

HCE: What is your favorite part of Her Campus?

Carly Silva: Aside from writing, it’s probably being Editor and Chief and being able to read everyone's articles that are going to be put up on the site. That has been rewarding and fun!

HCE: What will you miss most about Her Campus?

Carly Silva: The camaraderie between everyone and being able to bond with people who have similar interests. That and writing for a demographic that’s so made for me.

HCE: What have been the highlights of your college experience?

Carly Silva: Being editor has been a highlight, and then obviously friends and stuff. 

HCE: What’s your dream job?

Carly Silva: I think my dream job would be a poet. Every single poem I’ve ever read has been about romance and loss. A mix of old and modern poetry.

HCE: What’s your favorite place in the city? 

Carly Silva: My favorite restaurant in the city is Basho. I’m obsessed with Basho! That’s where my first boyfriend and I went on our first date, and we would always go there so I have a good nostalgia feeling about the place. 

HCE: Have there been any positives or silver linings during COVID? 

Carly Silva: Yeah, I did an internship out of Nevada that was remote and I wouldn’t have been able to do that otherwise. The internship showed me what I wanted to do post graduation. My internship was at a celebrity news website, so that’s what I’m aiming to write for in the future, but any soft style entertainment or news also works.

HCE: What are you excited for after graduation and do you have any plans?

Carly Silva: Haha, I’m in the midst of getting a job now and I’m excited to hopefully land one.

The job is remote because of COVID so i can decide to move or stay at home. I would rather stay at home so I can get on my feet. Then maybe temporarily move to New York. 

HCE: How have you changed since freshman year?

Carly Silva: Yeah definitely, I think I’ve grown a lot and become more comfortable with myself. I’ve learned to prioritize myself and just be more independent in general I guess. 

HCE: What would you tell your Freshman self?

Carly Silva: I think looking back I’d tell myself to enjoy everyday and not stress through them all. Have hope for the future and that I can accomplish things, that big things will come my way.

Megan is attending Emmanuel College and working toward a double major in Sociology with a concentration in Social Justice and Inequality, and International Studies with a concentration in Global Justice and Sustainability. When Megan isn't writing articles for Her Campus you can find her baking and listening to crime podcasts, traveling, taking care of her plants, or hiking! https://www.instagram.com/meg_evangeline/
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