Pit Bulls: Let’s Clear This Up

We’ve all heard someone say how the most dangerous breed of dog is the pit bull. For some people, just the name brings fear. People will even cross the street when they see a pit bull, because they are afraid it will attack their dog, children, or even them.  Pit bulls are the most misunderstood breed of dog, so let’s kill the stigma, shall we?

Photo courtesy of Reddit

One myth about pit bulls is that they have a “locking jaw.” Basically, when they bite on to someone, it is believed their jaw “locks” thus causing the individual to be unable to escape the dog. In reality they have a normal skull like any other dog, so if you say a pit bull has a locking jaw, then so does my labrador retriever.

Photo courtesy of cutestpaw.com

Another common misconception is how aggressive and dangerous pit bulls are. Whenever people hear about pit bulls they usually read how they attacked another dog or another person.  Yes, there are some bad dogs out there who have attacked others but it is not all pit bulls. I’m sure you can find many stories about how aggressive other dog breeds have been, but people only blame this breed. In reality, many pit bulls are very sweet and good house dogs. They enjoy to love and be loved. They are like any dog and wish to have a good home and family.

Photo courtesy of LITHUB

Bad dogs are usually raised by bad people. Many pit bulls are raised by members of gangs or even used in dog fighting. These dogs are just thrown into a bad lifestyle and are trying survive through what they were raised in.  However, just because a dog was into dog fighting does not mean they are dog-aggressive and will constantly fight. Pit Bulls and Parolees shows this by how many pit bulls that come to them are the sweetest dogs even after being abused. These dogs have been through hell and back, but still want to give love to people. It just goes to show that they are strong and resilient dogs who are taking the cards handed to them, and making a better life.

Photo courtesy of Villalobos Rescue Center

Pit bulls are some of the most misunderstood dogs who have been written off because of those few bad dogs. At this point, people should not be discriminating against these dogs just because of rumors and myths they may have heard.  It’s time to give them a chance, because there are many good pit bulls out there who need homes, and are being euthanized based off of a ridiculous stigma.

Do yourself the favor and give them a chance. You may never what you will experience and may even find your true best friend who happens to be a pitbull. They deserve to be loved just like any other dog. Take a chance, and love a pit bull.

Photo courtesy of Petsami