Not Everyone’s Happy Dunks is Coming to Campus

The Dunkin Donuts is opening any day now and I’m upset. Not just because I’m Team Starbucks, but because of what the Dunkin Donuts means.

Dunks drinkers are serious about their iced coffee. And that means, as the weather dips down, they will continue to drink icy cold coffee. The problem I have with that (besides the fact that when it's 42 degrees, if you’re not drinking hot coffee, you’re a lunatic), is that Dunkin Donuts sticks a gigantic foam cup on the bottom. The foam cup acts as a koozie so that the crazy ice coffee drinkers don’t freeze their hands off.

But foam is evil. It can take 500 years to FOREVER to break down. Let that sink in. It seems insane but if you don’t believe me, please refer to this handy website that breaks down the biodegradability of foam and other products.

500 years to forever for one cup. Add that one cup to the two other times you go to Dunks that week, plus your three friends. That’s 12 foam cups times 500 years, that’s 6,000 years, or forever.

Just because your hand was cold. The solution? I’d say the easiest would be to learn to like hot coffee. But some people liked their ice, and I get it. So my suggestion is to wear gloves or tough out the pain. You can have your iced beverage and not leave foam on this earth for the next forever that you won’t be around to see.

Dunkin Donuts is making the plan to phase out foam by 2020, but that’s two years away. Think about all the foam that will be used before then the next time you go and make the active choice to say no to the styrofoam cup.

If we can ban straws, I’m sure we can get rid of foam.