My Travel Nightmare

That time of year is quickly approaching, Spring Break or the time of year when many college students plan exciting trips. I wanted to share my experience with a particular airline and hopefully people will use my story as a cautionary tale when choosing airlines if they are going to Cancun Mexico. Do not choose Aeromexico. I think this GIF sums up me and my friend's first day of traveling and also accurately depicts our experience with Aeromexico.


My friends and I decided we would not vacation during the same time as most spring breakers, that we would have our "friend group" vacation in mid-June. After countless hours of my friends dealing with Expedia agents we finally booked our twelve person vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

Five months later, the day arrived, we departed for Logan Airport, emotions and excitement were running high. We all were so excited to be going on trip where we could relax all day and be of legal drinking age. Everything seemed to be going normally, we all made it through security and baggage check normally. At ten o'clock pm we boarded the plane.

(This is us before we left for the airport, little did we know what was in store for us)

This is where my story takes a turn for the worse. *Two hours later* I wake up dripping sweat, a bit disoriented, I hit my friend Christina and asked "Have we not moved yet?" she shakes her head sadly and states "Nope". The immediate feeling of dread that overcame me was horrible. Not only have we been sitting on this plane for two hours, but the pilot has not even mentioned why we have not moved. Another realization began to set in, we were most likely going to miss our connecting flight in Mexico City to Cancun. After sitting on the plane for another hour and a half, it was about one thirty in the morning, the pilot came over the intercom and disclosed "everyone can get off the plane because the plane is having technical difficulties", I have never been so relieved to get off a plane, due to me profusely sweating from how humid and hot it was in the cabin. My group of friends and I went back to the gate, we proceed to play games, lay on the floor and sleep for two hours. Then around three thirty in the morning, we boarded the plane and took off to Mexico City.


Once we landed in Mexico City we already knew we missed our flight, and we had to  immediately deal with that problem. None of us spoke spanish which did not really help our situation, but the bigger problem was definitely that Aeromexico had to accommodate twelve individuals for flights. They split us up six and six, we went with two adults (over the age of twenty one) on this trip and instead of splitting one adult up with one group and another with another group, the flight attendant put both of the adults together, and sent two seventeen year old boys and four nineteen year old girls to Cancun Mexico, four hours before the other group. I was obviously in the second group, but our flight took off normally nothing seemed out of the ordinary... or so I thought.

Once we landed in Cancun Mexico, four of us ended up getting off plane and it started to downpour, which is quite normal for a tropical place in the summer. My friend's mother, her friend, my friend Alexa and I, quickly scurried off the plane and under a pavilion as we waited for one of my friends and my sister to get off the plane. About ten minutes went by and no one got off the plane, we were all very confused as to what was going on. Then we sadly realized that they were having flight attendants hand every person, who was left on the plane an umbrella and made everyone go down the stairs one at a time. I understand the aspect of safety, but after traveling for eighteen hours I was extremely annoyed. About forty five minutes later, my sister and my friend Hannah ended up getting off the plane and we were reunited with the other half of our group.

I am in no way trying to slander Aeromexico, however, it is evident if you look at their reviews online it is not the best airline, but many people fly Aeromexico because of the low cost. I was not expecting a really fancy airline however, maybe one that is actually functioning! Hopefully people use my review as a cautionary tale, most likely if my friends and I end up go to Mexico again, we will not be flying Aeromexico. Not to dwell on the negative aspects of our trip, Cancun was eventful to say the least and my friends and I all agree it was definitely one of our favorite vacations. We are all trying to plan our next vacation, hopefully it will go more smoothly than our previous experience.

(Hopefully these picture prove we actually did have a good time minus a few set backs)