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Happy Place by Emily Henry

If you are looking for an idyllic setting in the perfect new England town, with found family and a second chance romance, then this book if for you! Emily Henry, is the author of three other best-selling romance novels including Beach Read. Set in the fictional Knotts Harbor, Maine our female protagonist Harriet is looking forward to spending the week with her best friends at their summer house. That is, until she arrives at the house to find her ex-fiancé standing in the doorway. None of Harriet’s friends even know that they broke up, they been keeping it a secret to avoid breaking up their friendship on what is their last trip of their twenties. Harriet spends the week trying to avoid the sidelong glances from the man she once shared a life with, while trying to convince their friends that all is well in their relationship. Happy Place is sharp with banter, unforgettable characters, and a setting that will pull you right in. This is the perfect book to soak up the last of the summer with.

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

The book that no one can stop talking about, Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarrows completely shattered my expectations. Set at the deadly war college Basgiath, Violet Sorrengail is forced to join the rider’s quadrant, the deadliest school of them all. Once she makes it in, she not only has to face her vicious classmates but also tame and earn the trust of a deadly dragon. I know that this is kind of the bare bones but trust me you don’t want to go into this book knowing much else, because it will blow you out of the water.

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

I consider this book required reading if you’re in your early twenties. Dolly tells stories from her misspent youth, trekking to London parties, finding your forever friends at university, and the never ending questn for true love. If you’re feeling lost, confused, or behind in your youth then this book can act as a sort of handbook.It  shows you that no one has it completely figured out, and that the strongest kind of love is the kind you find in the people who see you for who you truly are.

Megan Seaver

Emmanuel '24

Hi my Name is Meg I'm a freshmen at Emmanuel College. Some things I'm interested in writing about are feminist issues, politics, and current issues around the world.