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Have you ever wondered if an academic class would actually be fun? Well, I know for sure that a class I have taken such as Prose Writing, allowed me to explore self-expression and important topics. 

If I had to name my favorite class ever, it would likely be Prose Writing class. It was a class full of ways that you can share your values, beliefs and important topics . Not only was the professor great at teaching the material, but she brought about important topics into our discussion. Everyone in the class understood ways in which we could be writing about anything happening in life and the values that we hold true to ourselves. 

I find it hard to believe that I will be taking all writing classes next semester, leaving me with the option to self-express and write about topics of my choice that have meaning to me. Many people think there is a certain way to write like following certain writing styles. This is one of the reasons I loved Prose. 

I did not find it hard to believe that the class would help me reflect as a writer and help me grow. I miss the class because of the meaningful discussions. It was almost as if the class was a session of self-realization but done in a slightly more academic way. My classmates would have instances in their life that would bring them hardship, as well as myself, so there was time to reflect. 

For example, there was a discussion on why we think working in a liquor store can be dangerous yet a learning experience, or why someone’s roommate situation goes to hell. I found it helpful when specific advice was given to make my essay better than it was before which often was found in the course Prose.  

I find it hard to believe that the class was only last semester. There were discussions about topics that people were not afraid to share, or if they were unsure how to share, they did so in a good way. I not only found the workshops different in style than with most classes, but it was a chance to enhance my writing and dig deeper into how to become a better writer. It was fascinating especially since I have never taken a general writing class with the exception of the English classes one takes in high school. 

It was hard for me to believe that this writing class changed my perspective on aspects of my journey through life. I wasn’t sure how to go about writing about different aspects of my life but when I began, I could not stop. It was so soothing to create a story based on my own life experiences and topics I felt were important to share.

Ever since taking the course, my ability to self-express has gotten much better. As the workshops went on, I realized that I could participate and attempt to edit or help someone’s work. It was almost as if someone was discussing their learning life experiences with you, but you would reply in a very professional way. 

So, to say it once again, my favorite class was Prose because of all the different elements of the class. 

Hannah Le

Emmanuel '24

Hannah Le is a Writing, Editing and Publishing major at Emmanuel College in Boston.