Meet Her Campus at Emmanuel Fashion Show Model Nadel Henville

On Thursday, November 14th, Her Campus at Emmanuel is holding their annual fashion show! Learn more about one of our models, Nadel Henville, below:

Name: Nadel Henville

Hometown: East Hartford, CT

Class year: 2022

Major: Writing, Editing & Publishing, Theater, minoring in Management

Involvement on campus: Emmanuel College Residence Life, Emmanuel College Dance Marathon, Emmanuel Theater Program

Why she decided to do the fashion show: I love the opportunity to represent something bigger than myself, to show people that no matter what size you are, no matter your proportions, there are clothes out there for you, that'll fit you perfectly! It's a way to indirectly instill some sort of confidence to those who may be watching that there's perfect clothes out there for you--and it's time to start looking!

Fun fact: I was born in the Caribbean!

Watch Nadel and other student models strut their stuff at Her Campus at Emmanuel’s fashion show November 14th at 7:00 pm in the auditorium!