I Snuck into the Lady Gaga Concert and Was Third Row

The story begins with me knowing someone who works at Fenway Park. (I will change their name to Tom, because they shouldn’t get fired for letting me have the time of my life). Tom told me about a month before the concert that we would be able to go for free! Obviously, I said yes and texted my BFF immediately to tell her the good news.

(Tom’s name has been blacked out)

The day of the concert we had to get to Fenway 30 minutes before the gate opened. We snuck past security.

(We really just walked in because Tom said we were with him. I may have felt like a Kardashian)

We got moved onto the turf and told to just wander, nobody would know

Well we got caught without tickets.

I of course talked our way out of it and said we left our tickets with Tom, and we said we would be right back. (We weren’t).

We then found some decent seats in the first “balcony” (theater lingo, no idea what it’s called here). I mean Lady Gaga is amazing so just being in her vicinity was enough to love every moment.

Half way through the show we got a call from Tom, people didn’t show up, so he got us empty third row seats.

                                                                                     (Actual representation of us)

                                                                                   (Us running to our new seats)

I may have cried (I did cry) when we got to our new seats, and she was this close to me. She is amazing and beautiful, and we loved every second. Here are some of my “high quality” pics I took while I was shaking and screaming.