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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emmanuel chapter.

Her Campus Emmanuel College hosted a Mingle & Mocktails event where members were able to create their own vision boards. I have never made a vision board before so I was excited to finally create one! I decided to create a coastal cowgirl vision board. The Process was super easy and it was a lot of fun to make my first vision board. 

  1. Go on Pinterest

First I went on pinterest to find some inspiration. I searched Coastal Cowgirl, and I started there. I started off by saving a picture of a girl wearing a cute dress with cowgirl boots. Since I clicked on that photo, Pinterest gave me about 30 other pictures that share the same vibe as the picture I chose. I saved about ten photos that gave me inspiration for the coastal cowgirl lifestyle. 

  1. Select Photos

After I saved all of the inspiration photos, I went onto the website Canva. Canva is a website where you can create any type of digital photo. There’s endless editing options. 

  1. Make Bioard

In Canva, I typed in the search bar “vision boards” and it came up with a list of templates that work great for vision boards. I found one that caught my eye. It had a section where you can showcase a song for your vision board and I thought that was perfect!

  1. Upload to canva

I added my pinterest photos into the canva template. I was able to move them around to where I wanted them. After about 20 minutes, I was finally done with my vision board. The Process was super easy and it was a lot of fun to make my first vision board.

Madeleine Graves-Witherell is a sophomore studying Communications and Media Studies. She recently has worked with multiple social media platforms, specifically Instagram and TikTok in marketing means. Madeleine is an activist for women's rights and social change. When she is not writing, she is listening to Vance Joy on repeat or reciting The Office quotes.