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The holiday season is one of my favorites! I love seeing all the lights and decorations that are scattered around the city! The holiday drinks and foods are amazing too; they really set the tone for the holiday spirit. Being a college student in Boston gives me endless opportunities to enjoy the seasonal festivities, here are some of the best ones!

This has been occurring for a few years now located in the Seaport District of the city and it is so much fun! I went here for the first time last year with some of my friends and it was great. It consists of various local shops selling products like prints, beauty products, cooking supplies and cute unique pieces. The place is highly decorated with lights and holiday decorations all over the place. Along with the shopping vendors, the place had lots of food; when I went there was hot chocolate, waffles, pizza and other great options! When you have time, definitely check this place out. Even when you are done looking around here, there is the Seaport area to explore after to make the most of your trip!

If you are looking for some wholesome holiday music, the Boston Pops is the place to visit. Every year during this time they perform special concerts featuring all of those seasonal numbers that spark nostalgia in your heart. I have been multiple times and the Pops do not compare to anything else. The music is beautiful and being in the theater makes the experience even more magical! I have not seen them in a while, but plan to attend again soon; they are just the best. Some tickets are reasonably priced and others are pricier depending on where you want to sit, but wherever you are the music will sound beautiful!

I still have not been to either of these places yet, but will be getting to them soon! Ice skating is exciting and can be a lot to learn, but that is what makes it fun. I know how to skate and still fall sometimes, but I still enjoy it. Skating is nice because you get to dress all cozy with the big jacket, hat and gloves– my favorite part is ending the activity with a hot and rich cup of hot chocolate! These two places are in the best locations to continue doing more as well; Fenway and Downtown give plenty to do! In Fenway there is the food court in Time Out, stores and many other restaurants! Downtown has The Commons, stores and the North End nearby!

This is constantly appearing on my TikTok for you page, so I think that is my sign that I need to come here ASAP! SoWa is located in the South End in the Powerstation with many local vendors selling awesome products. I have seen lots of art, clothing and fun stuff for gifts that people have posted. There is food provided by food trucks, a bar and live music at the event. There is an entry fee to get into the market, but it is worth it for how many vendors you get to have access to. It is a perfect opportunity to support local businesses and discover new places. 

My best friend Nancy and I discovered this place last year and I will be coming back soon for more of their hot chocolate! It is some of the best that I have tried so far. It is rich and decadent, very high quality. I got the smaller size and it is all you need with how strong it is. I believe they have flavored hot chocolates as well if you want to switch it up, and coffee options that are always good!

Attending a tree lighting is a must! I went to the one in the Seaport last year after going to the Holiday Market and it was amazing. There is music, decorations and the tree is spectacular. It is always exciting hearing the countdown and seeing the tree light up looped with hundreds of strings of lights! Being here for this allows for a great photo-op as well, who doesn’t love cute holiday photos? If you want to venture somewhere else for a tree lighting there is The Commons and Copley  Square along with others linked here to attend one!

The holidays are exciting and it is best when you are able to participate in the festivities, so hopefully one of these catches your attention. Even if you are not able to do any of these, there are always the simple options like watching a holiday movie, listening to a festive playlist, decorating cookies or spending time with friends or family! It really is the simple things that bring so much joy, I can’t wait to do all of these as well!

Hi my name is Karly and I am in my Junior Year at Emmanuel College. I am studying Communications with a Minor in Marketing and Writing. I plan to someday work in the fashion industry and live in Boston. In my free time I love to walk around the city, read, get coffee, see my friends and family. I have three adorable dogs and a fun fact is that I have my Cosmetology License!