HCE Senior Sendoff: VP Hannah Lynam

A Senior Send-Off for the Her Campus Emmanuel’s 2018-2019’s Vice President. Keep reading to hear about her times with HCE, advice for fellow Emmanuel students and some memories about Emmanuel College!

Name: Hannah Lynam

Major: Biology

Dream Job: Registered Nurse

HCE Exec Board Position: Vice President

Favorite Emmanuel Class: Cell Biology with Busconi 

Favorite Thing to do in Boston: Around Christmas, walking down Commonwealth Ave and looking at all the pretty lights in the trees. As well as, see all of the rich people’s Christmas trees.

HCE: Tell us a little about your history with Her Campus!

HANNAH: I joined Her Campus at the end of my sophomore year, and to be honest, I have no idea what motivated me to join. I ended up helping at the first ever Color Bash and I immediately fell in love with the club and the wonderful people that are in it. My junior year I was the Secretary and then senior year I was the Vice President!

HCE: What has been your favorite part of being a part of HCE?

HANNAH: My favorite part of being in the HCE team is having a whole new experience with more lovely people. I talk about media, fashion, and politics with this team and it is so nice to get out of the science world every once and awhile. I also have truly loved to be the VP to Ashley, who was the absolute best to work with. She really had such patience and strength throughout the year, and I couldn’t have done it all without her!
HCE: Do you have any advice for HCE in the future?

HANNAH: For the HCE future, I would say, learn to love your team. There are so many clubs on campus so it is easy to feel like you have been swallowed up. Try to love and appreciate your team, so that the only thing that matters is spending time with one another.

HCE: What have been some of your fave memories at Emmanuel?

HANNAH: There have been too many to count which truly allows me to appreciate Emmanuel. I have appreciated all the lessons I have learned, people I have met, and change I have brought. Nothing truly compares to the ECDM reveals that I have experienced because for me, I was finally making a difference in this big world. I got the chance to meet miracles, and I could not have passed that up.

HCE: I know it’s slightly anxiety-inducing, but any plans for after you graduate?

HANNAH: After I graduate I will be returning home to Maine for the summer to save up some money. In the fall I will be attending Simmons University as part of the Accelerated Nursing Program to become a Registered Nurse! I am incredibly excited to start that step in my life which is why I currently am not a mess writing this article.

HCE: Do you have any advice or anything you would want to say to freshman? 

HANNAH: Actually talk to your teachers and go to their office hours. You get better grades that way. My biggest regret, honestly. Overall, find what makes you love this school. Adults aren’t kidding when they say this can be some of the best years of your life if you let them. Try and enjoy what Emmanuel has to offer, so that when you are in my shoes, it was all worth it.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done with HCE! We have absolutely loved having you as Vice President this year. Good luck with everything in the future, we know you’re bound for great things. We’re going to miss you too much! HCXO