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HCE Senior Send-Off: Co-SM Director Hannah Bragdon

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emmanuel chapter.

A Senior Send-Off for the Her Campus Emmanuel’s 2018-2019’s co-social media director Hannah! Keep reading to hear about her times with HCE, advice for fellow Emmanuel students and some memories about Emmanuel College!

Name: Hannah Bragdon

Major: English Communications and Media Studies

Minor: Psychology

Dream Job: I have many, but mainly to work at Buzzfeed. Oh and also I want to be famous.

HCE Exec Board Position: Co Social Media Director

Favorite Emmanuel Class: Anything taught by Andrea McDonnell!

Favorite Thing to do in Boston: Try new food and take pictures for my Instagram! Follow @hannah_eats_world

 HCE: Tell us a little about your history with Her Campus over the past four years!

Hannah: I joined Her Campus in the second semester of my junior year but I immediately knew I belonged! I ran for exec board at the end of the semester and the rest is history!

HCE: What has been your favorite part of being a part of the HCE team?

Hannah: My ladies! I love being part of such a dedicated and like-minded team. It’s so cool to be in a fun group who shares your interests.

HCE: Do you have any advice for HCE in the future?

Hannah: Just show up and write with confidence! Get involved and make yourself known. Do that and you’ll thrive.  

HCE: What have been some of your favorite moments and memories at Emmanuel?

Hannah: I freaking LOVE Moonlight Breakfast. I feel like I should mention some Her Campus events but nothing gets me jazzed like free breakfast food with a theme.

HCE: I know it’s slightly anxiety-inducing, but any plans for after you graduate?

Hannah: Who really knows! I plan to work and travel and do the things that make me happy. I’m scared, but I have faith that everything will fall into place. As the saying goes, fake it til you make it!

HCE has opened so many doors for me and I’m forever grateful. I feel so ready for whatever the next chapter is, but I’m so sad to see my time at Emmanuel come to an end; I feel like I should’ve done more! I know it’s cheesy, and if you know me I’m always poking fun, but seriously, go all in.

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Makenzie is a current Senior at Emmanuel College studying Communications + Media Cultural Studies and Performing Arts. (Try saying that three times fast...) She's been a part of her school's Her Campus chapter since it's very first semester, and has been chapter advising for 2 years. Makenzie is also a National Writer for HC's beauty section, Campus Trendsetter, and former HC Community Development Intern. Makenzie is incredibly excited to be finishing up her last semester as Co-Campus Correspondent of HC Emmanuel. Interested in joining yourself? Hit her up anytime!