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Halloween How-To’s: 11 Fun and Easy Group Halloween Costumes

Finding a Halloween costume can be difficult, but it’s even more challenging when you and your squad want to coordinate costumes.  No one seems to agree on what your idea should be or who should be who (no one ever wants to be “the guys”). Since we all can’t be Frat Boys and witches for Halloween again this year, here are some ideas that you can add your own twist to with your squad!

1. Mean Girls

You go, Glen CoCo!  Definitely one of the most popular costumes because it’s the most fun! Being one of the Plastics consists of short skirts, cute hair, and pink everything.  Also a great excuse to unleash your attitude for the entire night.

2. Pretty Little Liars

Time to bring your “A” game with these costumes. This group idea is simple, but one of our personal favorites.  Its secret simplicity and the fact you get to wear your little black dress all night make it a go-to look.

3. Santa’s Reindeer

Grab the reindeer antlers you wore last year to your staff Christmas party and then grab eight other friends to create this adorable homage to Rudolph’s big night. Plus, one lucky deer will get to sport the iconic red nose!

4. Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout costume can range from just you to all of your friends in a troop.  Dress in khakis with some green accessories and you’re all done! Bonus points if you bring cookies to hand out.

5. Three Blind Mice

Easily one of the cutest costumes on the list, it is also one of the easier ones apart from the mouse ears.  You can make the costume your own and dress up in a cute black dress or you could wear grey comfy clothes.  Either way, be careful not to run into anything while wearing those shades!

6. Disney Princesses

With a cute dress, crown, and a heart of gold, anyone can be a princess.  A classic idea that can be done countless ways, but don’t let the decision of who gets to be which princess ruin your night! 

7. Mario Kart

One of the best things about this costume is you can count it as your exercise! Grab a bike from a friend or the Hubway and ride from place to place asking for candy and being the coolest characters riding around Boston this Halloween.

8. Bob’s Burgers

Time for the charm bomb to explode! Dress up as the Belcher family this Halloween. Best part about this costume: you get to eat as many burgers as you want.

9. Barden Bellas


We are Dixie Chick serious with this great group costume idea. With your squad, put on some dress suits with neckties and you will look a-ca-awesome.

10. Friends Cast



This costume is close to our heart, but hasn’t been done too often as a Halloween costume! Grab five friends and go to your favorite coffee shop to complete the effect and you’ll make even Monica proud.

11. Roller Coaster



One of the more difficult group costumes on this list to put together, but definitely one that rewards itself.  This group costume is one of our all-time favorites for its originality and humor!


Even on a Monday, this Halloween can still be fun with the right friends and costume! Happy Halloween everyone!

Hannah Lynam

Emmanuel '19

Hannah Lynam is currently an undergraduate at Emmanuel College with a major in Biology: Health Sciences. This is her third year as part of Her Campus and she is more than excited to eat more Georgetown Cupcakes, go to fashion shows, and spend time with her chapter! She has a deep obsession with seals, sweets, and all things L.L. Bean!
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