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Dear Sophomore Year,

We had our ups and downs, but you were pretty good to me. You brought me answers I had searched for for years, solving the mystery of my illnesses and bringing me peace. You brought me a new diet, a new outlook, and a newfound love for life. I am grateful for the strides in health I made since you began.

You brought me new friends, a new group of people to love, new people who taught me valuable lessons about loyalty, friendship, and love. Thank you for bringing me friends who support me always.

You brought me some deep sadness, some truly anxious moments that tested the progress I had made. You gave me insomnia like I’ve never experienced, a full body tired I never thought I would shake. You gave me an appreciation for the small steps in my journey to wellness.

You helped me rediscover my passion for books, for writing, for people and for conversation. You helped me decide what I didn’t want to do, and guided me into discovering what I do want to do. You inspired me to write down those stories that have been in my head, and work on my skills through doing so.

You gave me crushes new and old, you helped me to discover where I can go from here. You gave me hope. Thank you for inspiring me to try again.

Thank you for the ups and downs. Thank you for all the good. Goodbye, sophomore year. I hope junior year is just as sweet.



Victoria Dias

Emmanuel '20

Theater and Communications Major. Dog Lover. Amateur Writer. 
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