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I’m not sure when brunch became such a significant aspect of my life, but over the years I’ve witnessed how it has shaped my friendships and my overall mood. Having a set time to sit around a table, chat about everyone’s lives, and eat is, quite frankly, the best concept that exists. Whether you drink a mimosa or a cup of tea, everyone deserves a carved out time to sleep in, relax, and prepare for the week ahead.

This past Sunday, the Her Campus Executive Board travelled to Loretta’s: Last Call, which is located at 1 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA, to dig in on some comfort food and plan for upcoming events. We all loved the cozy atmosphere that Loretta’s is known to ooze, and enjoyed the live country music. It was so great to have an nontraditional location for our executive board meeting and enjoy being together as friends! As our independent lives become crazy with the closing of the semester, it was so wonderful to have time to catch up with fellow executive board members and map out the rest of our year. Coupled with all of us catching up about the shenanigans of our respective Halloweekends (shameless plug to vote in our costume contest on Facebook!), we discussed future events that we are all really excited and passionate about!

 I had a fried egg (over medium! Who else isn’t decisive?) that was placed over a delicious turkey and sweet potato hash and served with a warm biscuit. Our president Sammy would also like to recommend the apple pie, pictured below.

So, if you’re ever looking for a restaurant for your next Sunday Brunch with your friends, definitely try out Loretta’s! Maybe you’ll see one of our executive board members there!

Here's a link to their menu to learn more! http://www.lorettaslastcall.com/menu/
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Betsy Roy


Betsy is a senior at Emmanuel College studying secondary education and history, and is the chapter's Social Media Director. Believing she'll pen the next Great American Novel, Betsy enjoys: art museums, long walks on the beach, and napping in front of fireplaces.
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