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From a young age I had a fear of roller coasters and over the summer, I decided to conquer that fear. What better place to do so than at Six Flags? So, when my friends suggested a Six Flags trip, I said “hell yes!” and I’m so glad I did. This trip will go down in history as one of my best and most memorable summer days. 

Buckle in with me while I reminisce! 

It all started with car karaoke, cruising down the highway with my best gals singin’ along to all the best throwback hits; after all, what’s a good road trip without a throwback playlist?  The sun was shining, the windows were down and the vibes were so good! 

FUN FACT: If you bring a coca-cola can with you to the park upon purchasing your ticket, you can get a $15-$20 discount off the full price of a day ticket. 

Basically, coke sponsored our Six Flags trip, so we had to stop at the “Cool Zone” when we passed it. They gave away a bunch of cold free samples of different coke flavors. It was awesome and it definitely hit the spot! We went back to that tent at least ten more times that day—no shame. 

I suggested we start with a medium sized ride, so that I could let myself ease into conquering my fear, but my friends unfortunately disagreed with this idea. We went on Goliath Towers first. “Go big or go home,” they said. At first, I was incredibly nervous and continually told my friends how much I hated them for making me do this, but then something amazing happened. Yes, it was terrifying but it was also incredibly fun and exhilarating. I felt a rush of adrenaline and excitement, unlike anything I had ever felt before and I asked myself why I was ever so afraid of roller coasters in the first place. 

I felt like I could conquer the world and to my surprise, I found myself saying, “Let’s go again!”. From there, I got on almost all the big-kid rides in the park and I had a hell of a lot of fun! 

We went on Superman five times and it was freaking awesome!

Of course, the little kid rides were fun too. 

From car karaoke and roller coasters, to high quality fast food and flavored coke, we had a blast and I will forever remember this day. It was one for the books. 

Shoutout to Six Flags for their amazing rides, food and entertainment and to my chicas who make any excursion fun, fabulous and hella memorable! 

Until next time.


Elise Kline

Emmanuel '20

Elise is currently studying as an undergraduate at Emmanuel College in Boston with a major in Communications & Media Studies. This is her third year with Her Campus and she is more than ready to adventure into another year of all things related to politics, social justice, empowerment, lifestyle and more! She loves writing, watching rom coms and kickboxing!
Carly Silva

Emmanuel '21

Carly is a senior at Emmanuel College pursuing a major in English Writing, Editing, and Publishing, as well as Communications and Media Studies. She loves to write and has a particular fondness for poetry. Carly also loves reading on the beach, playing music, and hanging out with her dog, Mowgli.