Follow Her: To the North End

One of the most time honored traditions of college students throughout Boston is to visit the North End during the fall. Even though I have lived in New England for most of my life and have visited the North End countless times during the fall, each time is more spectacular than the last.

This past weekend, in order to celebrate Halloweekend, my friends and I decided to spend the afternoon traipsing around Northern Boston. The first touristy stop on our adventure was the infamous Tea Kettle on Court St. that now sits atop a Starbucks. It was originally manufactured in 1873 as a sign for the Oriental Tea Company and soon after it was put up, it became a popular tourist attraction due to the steam that would periodically pour out.

Our next stop was Faneuil Hall. The annual Pet Parade had just taken place, and the area was still filled with adorable dogs in Star Wars costumes and children giddy with holiday excitement. Caught up in the holiday fervor, we had to stop in the Christmas in Boston store. Walking in suddenly transported us to Christmas Eve. We were surrounded by a myriad of Christmas ornaments in every shape, style, and form,and a 7 foot tall (at least) Christmas tree, all while listening to Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”.  If there’s any way to get into the holiday spirit no matter what the season, it’s to visit that store.

After reluctantly leaving the Christmas store behind, we headed towards the wharf. Personally, I feel most at home when I’m close to the water. One of my most favorite spots in Boston is just sitting on a bench, watching the boats filter through the harbor. But of course, before we were able to enjoy the views, we had to stop at the Cookie Monstah. A popular Boston landmark, this dessert food truck redefines the traditional ice cream sandwich. My friend ordered a mint fudge ripple ice cream topped with a double chocolate chip cookie. We were able to enjoy the chilly treats while relaxing at the wharf.

What trip to the North End would be complete without sampling various spectacular foods? Our first food stop was this tiny hole in the wall bakery/ café/ market. In order to find it, we had to squeeze down a tiny path between buildings. All that showed us that we were in the right place was a nondescript sign that said “Bricco”. Inside of the small Italian market were rows of fresh cheese, an extensive deli selection, and an authentic Italian sandwich menu. My friend ordered a sandwich with prosciutto, fresh sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and salami. It looked spectacular!

For my own lunch, I went to MMMac N’Cheese in Quincy Market. This is a design-your-own type of food, which I absolutely love. Macaroni and cheese is inarguably the best food on the entire planet, so finding this gem made the whole trip worth it. I ordered the Classic, which is just macaroni and cheese without anything additional, but I honestly think that it made it that much more delicious. The portions are huge; the size large to-go container could have easily fed three people! If you’re looking for a new spot to enjoy a perfect mac n’ cheese, this is it!

Going to the North End has got to be one of the most fun and easily accessible activities for students, especially in Boston. There are unlimited activities, amazing sights, and something for everyone to enjoy!

Happy Fall! HCXO