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Everyone needs to go to Las Vegas at least once in their lifetime, and as a senior in college, my bestie and I  thought winter break was the PERFECT time to do so, despite our bank accounts desperately begging us not to…

One thing to note if you’re planning a  trip here, is that the pools are not open November through March, which is a total bummer if you are trying to live it up to the fullest, and boujiest, in the LV desert. But even in December, it was still a warm 60 degrees every which felt like a dream compared to the frigid New England winter.



The coolest part was staying at the Luxor, which may not be the “nicest” hotel on the strip, but who else can say they stayed in a pyramid?? AND we got a free upgrade which made up for the pools!

We stayed for 4 days, which was more than enough for us. Expect prices to be absurd, like, $7 for tall latte from Starbucks absurd. Our best move was definitely going to the local CVS and stocking up on snacks and water (and yes, some restaurants do charge for water).

Luckily in Las Vegas I was still able to finesse some free activities and encourage my bestie and our guy friends to do some touristy things.

My favorite part of Las Vegas was the views from above. The lights gleaming in the middle of the desert was so pretty. From down below we were surrounded by larger than life Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty (finally made it, just not the real ones).



Before hitting the clubs on Thursday night, one of the “must-sees” we got to witness were the fountain shows at the Bellagio. In rhythm with Katy Perry’s “Fireworks,” this was the most breathtaking moment of the vacation. Who knew a girl could get so emotional over water?? (But let’s be real, we were all still recovering from our Bellini slushees)


Thursday night we got in for free at the Mandalay Bay Foundation Room which has one of the best views of Vegas. Inside this intimate club, we were surrounded by red velvet walls, large leather sofas, tassels, and oriental rugs – the old Vegas style.

During the day on Friday we FINALLY got to the High Roller, a giant observatory ferris wheel housing open bars and lounges in each “car.” For $35 a person, you get a 30 minute ride equipped with an unlimited open bar inside. Most would say, “get as many drinks as you can!” but luckily your bartender paces you and I must say, you will get motion sickness if you get greedy.



To top off that day, we ended Friday with some TopGolf where Justin Timberlake was chilling a floor above us!

Although four days felt like enough for us, and our wallets, I would definitely go back during the summer! After getting lost in Caesar’s Palace and seeing their pools and cabanas, your girl knows exactly where she wants to spend her 23rd birthday!!

And let’s face it, it’s Las Vegas, so you will be surrounded by gambling 24/7! But that does not mean you have to gamble. The idea of giving your money up for the small chance of just barely breaking even scared me, but it is fun to watch! The only gambling I did was putting a dollar in a Wheel of Fortune slot machine and I lost it all. That was it for me, I got my fill!

Thank you Sin City, you shocked me with your half naked women on the streets wearing feathers and nipple stickers, and your sky-high prices on everyday necessities, but besides that, I’ll be back for the pools!

Jamie is a senior Communication & Media Studies major with a minor in Graphic Design at Emmanuel College in Boston. Currently she is concentrating her studies in PR and digital media. She serves as the PR Director for the HerCampus Emmanuel chapter.
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