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I am a history buff (and major) so the one thing I had to do in Boston:The Freedom Trail. I remember completing half of the freedom trail when I was 7 but never the whole thing, so I was so happy to accomplish it. The freedom trail is a 2.5 mile walk starting from the Boston Common all the way to Bunker Hill. It is the perfect way to spend a nice sunny day with friends or family. Once Beautiful architecture fills the street as you walk. In addition, the freedom trail literally brings you all over Boston

On the walk, I would suggest bringing a bottle of water , sunscreen , a camera, and a jacket in case you want to stop by the waterfront at night to see the sunset and it gets too chilly. Along the way, the freedom trail splits off into different paths, so take whatever path you would like. They all lead to the same place anyway. 

Along the way, you see sites like the Boston Massacre site, the Old South Church, the Charles River, and Paul Revere’s House. In my opinion, the best time to go is during the spring because everything is in bloom. Also, it is not too cold but not too hot.  After the trail and of course since burning off all those calories, I would suggest going to Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall for a nice bite to eat. Quincy market has quite a variety of foods from Greek to Regina Pizza to Clam Chowder to refreshing ice cream. 

My favorite part of the freedom trail was definitely reaching Bunker Hill, the final stop. On a side note, the battle of Bunker Hill didn’t actually take place there but on Breeds Hill which is in the same vicinity. Anway, once you get there it feels so rewarding and the view is gorgeous. Just sitting there on top of the hill, enjoying a fresh breeze and looking out onto the city is the best conclusion of the trail. Boston is filled with some of the most important historic sites during the revolution and what better way to see it than the freedom trail! So grab a buddy, a great attitude, and start walking.

Just a girl waiting to be in Boston!!
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