Follow Her to Be Our Guest!

This past winter break I was lucky enough to go to Walt Disney World in Florida and experience the happiest place on earth.  Since I hadn’t been there since I was about six years old, I was over the moon excited.

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to get reservations for Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom, I nearly had a heart attack when setting it all up!  Those slots go so fast so if you want a good time then book them 6 months before your trip.  I’m not kidding.  It’s that popular.  

We made our reservations a bit late, so we ended up having breakfast at 10 AM, but I was ecstatic I could eat there!  Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies, so this was a childhood dream!

A couple of  plane cancellations and Disney World parks later, and it was the day.  Be Our Guest day! We got there about fifteen minutes early just so could take a look at the outside, it was not disappointing!

When we entered they had a whole room full of kiosks for ordering, but we moved ahead and ordered since we knew what we wanted.  My boyfriend got the french toast, I got the quiche, and we both decided we needed to try the mysterious “grey stuff”.

We were lucky enough to get rooms in the ballroom but there was also the West Wing and a paintings room you could sit in.  The ballroom was magnificent! It felt like you had jumped into the animation!  I could not stop looking at the chandeliers!  One cool bit was the windows made it look like it was snowing!

We got our food relatively quickly but I was in no hurry so I could soak it all in.  They have unlimited drinks that you serve yourself so I treated myself to some delicious hot cocoa (most likely Swiss Miss, but still).  When we got our food it was our main dish and also a plate full of pastries.  I did not end up getting a photo of the food because we dived into it so fast, but I did get one of the “grey stuff”!

Both the main dishes and the pastries were delicious and we were happily filled so there would be no need for another big meal.  The “grey stuff”, though, was the star of the food.  The “grey stuff” on top of the cupcake was a type of frosting which was so fluffy and delicate with little chocolate pearls!  I nearly swallowed it all whole, I didn’t even give my boyfriend a bite!

Sadly, when we finished our food it was time for us to leave. I was devastated. Before leaving I quickly stopped into the west wing to take some photos to remember the place by!

Overall, Be Our Guest was one of my favorite parts of the trip and I highly suggest making reservations if you plan on going to Disney World!  The food is delicious, but what tops it all is the atmosphere.  It was a pleasure to be a guest in this amazing restaurant!