Follow Her: to Aruba!

For my first spring break in college I wanted to make it fun and memorable, so I ended up on the first flight to Aruba! I went with one of my friends from high school who’s been there more times than I can count, so I had the perfect tour guide by my side. From the beach to an off-roading tour where you drive called a UTV tour I can definitely say it exceeded my expectations. It was truly the trip of a lifetime!

My first day began with walking around the resort she’s been to every year. It was right across from the beach, so I was able to see the Aruban sunset; it was uncomparable.

Obviously, I had to go to the beach every second I could, and the slight breeze with the clear day above me was something that would never get old. The rumors are true; the water is the perfect shade of aqua and you can always see the bottom.

We went during the week of Carnival, so we stood out for the day to watch the parade dance to amazing music in the most incredible costumes. Everyone was jumping the police barriers left and right to get pictures with the people in the parade.

And I can’t forget all of the seafood we ate. My personal favorite that we went to was a local bar called Zeerovers where they just cook the fish, unseasoned, fresh off the boat, and serve it. It comes with all the bones and all of the shells, so they make you work for your food. It ended with some delicious coconut ice cream, straight out of a coconut! What could be better than that?


One of the little excursions we did was a UTV tour where we (I made my friend drive the whole time; we’d crash if I did) drove around to different stops all around the island, and even ended up cliff jumping in an underwater coral cave of sorts.

On our last day we went on the Mi Dushi snorkeling boat. We stopped at three different places to jump in and swim around, and my favorite definitely had to be where a World War I ship sank and you got to see all of the different fish surrounding the boat. There was also a bonus of jumping off a rope swing into the water on the last stop, that was enough to get them five stars from me.


Aruba was a dream come true, and I would trade anything for just one more week in that beautiful sunshine. Oh, Aruba, I promise I will be back.