Five Shows to Watch When School is Just Getting too Much

While this semester has just started, it's only a matter of time before we feel overwhelmed with everything we need to get done. 

So when you need a time out from the daunting task of reading five chapters by tomorrow’s class, studying for those upcoming exams worth half your grade, or doing that dreaded group project where it seems that you are the only one doing the work, take a break to prevent that mental breakdown with some good quality television.

  1. 1. Veronica Mars (4 seasons, 1 movie, 2004-2019, Hulu)

    If you like strong female characters, mysteries, and teen drama:

    What is it about?

    In Neptune, CA, a seedy beach side town for the rich and famous, lives Veronica Mars. Kristen Bell stars as the titular character, a teenage private investagtor trying to solve the murder of her best freind Lily. The quick witted, snarky, and once popular Veronica takes it upon herself to unravel the deep secrets and clues of what really happened the night Lily Kane was murdered. 

    Why you should watch it?

    Veronica is a total badass and an amazing three dimensional character. The dialogue is great, the characters are great, the mysteries are great. Everything about this show is great. Characters you thought you hated, you will end up loving. Characters you thought you loved, you will end up hating. The first season mystery will keep you guessing. 

  2. 2. Bones (12 seasons, 2005-2017, Amazon Prime)

    If you like ensemble crime and medical shows but with a twist:    

    What is is about?

    This crime solving show follows forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennen, FBI agent Seeley Booth, and the rest of the team at the Jeffersonian Institution in Washington, DC as they solve crimes with not much more evidence than human remains.

    Why you should you watch it?

    This show is more than just solving murders. It is funny, sad, scary, edge-of-your-seat thrilling, and even optimistic. It is one of a kind. It's about the relationships these characters have made together and how they still see the good in the world even when they see the worst of it everyday. You will easily find a character you can relate to but it’ll be the dynamic between Bones and Booth that will keep you wanting to watch more.

  3. 3. Trinkets (1 season, 2019, Netflix)

    If you like quirky shows full of heart and unlikely friendship:

    What is it about?

    Three very different teenage girls meet in Shoplifters Anonymous. At first they don’t want anything to do with each other, but over the course of the season, they eventually bond over their shoplifting and find support with each other as they face their individual struggles.

    Why you should watch it?

    It is a hidden gem and a quick watch. The characters rocky journey to their unlikely friendship is a fun one to watch. It is can be lighthearted, but it also doesn't shy away from hard subjects like a death of a loved one or a difficult family life. You will be able to relate to one of the girls and the struggles they faced. 

  4. 4. Cloak and Dagger (2018- now, 2 seasons, Freeform/Hulu)

    If you like teens discovering who they are and superhero action:

    What is it about?

    After an oil rig explosion in New Orleans, LA , Tandy and Tyrone’s lives are changed forever. From different backgrounds and circumstances, they reluctantly work together to get to the bottom of what really happened while discovering the true extent of their new superpowers.

    Why you should watch it?

    Teens + drama + superheroes = good tv. If you like Marvel movies, you’ll love this show. If you don’t care about superheroes, you’ll still love this show. Tyrone and Tandy’s journey to embracing their powers and their intertwined destiny will keep you pressing play.