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Finals Week as Told by “Friends”

So no one told you finals week was gonna be this way *clap clap clap clap*

When you realize how close finals are:

And you haven’t started studying:

Then your professor mentions that your final is actually worth 30% of your grade, and the whole class is horrified:

Except for that one person in class who keeps bragging about how much they’ve already studied:

Eventually, you finally force yourself to get down to work and crack open that textbook, and you discover a whole wealth of knowledge:

But sometimes, when you reread your notes they make no sense, like reading some foreign language:

Your friends ask you how you are planning to study for all your tests:

So you decide to study with your friends, and then you realize they’re way smarter than you and you have no idea what’s going on:

You start to panic over how much you have left to do, resulting in the classic stress-eating of any food you can get your hands on:

At some point, you spend some time trying to convince your professor not to fail you:

Your parents call to ask how your studying is going, and you try to convince them that everything is great:

When your friends have to take finals before you, you send them off with encouragement (while secretly being glad you don’t have to take yours yet):

The day of your first final arrives, and you try to pump yourself up beforehand:

Taking your tests requires all of your effort:

But then they’re finally over and you feel such relief:

And when you find out you actually passed all your tests, you can’t help but say…

From your six favorite friends and all of us at HCE, good luck on your finals!

Holliston//Boston Current senior at EC, future teacher of your children Things that make me happy include: Christmas, new bottles of nail polish, ice cream cookie sandwiches, a good book, and anyone who can understand my Friends jokes. 
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