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Female Content Creators I Can’t Get Enough Of

Throughout quarantine, I found myself spending a lot of time on social media. As I spend hours scrolling through social media apps daily, I found new female content creators that I love and reconnected with some creators that I had not paid attention to in a while. While quarantine has come and gone, my appreciation for these badass women has not. Here are my current favorite female content creators: 

Emma Chamberlain 

I have been watching Emma’s Youtube videos since her high school vlogs. She is so personable and comforting. Emma’s genuinity comes across so well on camera. I firmly believe that Emma is a pioneer in current fashion. Since the start of her channel she has promoted thrifting and trying new things when it comes to clothing. She often shares her outfits through her Instagram feed. Emma also has a podcast called “Anything Goes” where she talks about her experiences, mental health journey, and offers advice to her listeners. This podcast is a good reminder that we are all going through similar things no matter how alone we may feel at times. I admire Emma for her realness and unapologetic nature. 




Tara Michelle

My sister first introduced me to Tara Michelle by showing me her daily vlogs throughout quarantine. Since then, I have been hooked. Tara is one of those people who just seems to have her life together. She is very independent and a good reminder that I am in the driver’s seat of my own life. Tara is originally from Canada, but was living in Los Angeles prior to the pandemic. She has since moved back to Canada, where she bought a new house and started a home renovation series on her Youtube channel. I also enjoy her Instagram content, as she keeps a warm, calm, and inviting aesthetic and is actively sharing polls and short vlog-style clips to her stories. 



Kirsten Titus

I was introduced to Kirsten Titus when a video of her telling a story while cutting a watermelon came up on my TikTok for you page. I have since realized that is kind of Kirsten’s signature thing: telling stories while cutting fruit. The way Kirsten posts her story times makes her audience feel like they know her and are sitting in a room, sharing a conversation. She comes across as super honest, real, and light-hearted. She is a college student and a lot of her stories are relatable, as they revolve around her college experiences. 


Ava Jules

I have been familiar with Ava Jules for a long time, but was not always a religious subscriber to her content. At the beginning of the pandemic, I found myself watching a lot of Youtube and I really got hooked on Ava’s videos. She brings a different perspective to social media, as an influencer living outside of Los Angeles. She is very passionate about body positivity and stresses the importance of self-acceptance and self-care. I most enjoy Ava’s “day in my life” style videos. She encourages me to be productive, while reminding me that my self-worth is not measured by my productivity.


Devon Carlson

I was first introduced to Devon Carlson through her company, Wildflower Cases. I have since been an attentive instagram follower of Devon. I love her sense of style and her willingness to take risks in the fashion world. Whether it is a y2k inspired outfit or an old hollywood inspired glam look, Devon can rock any look. She recently released a collection with Marc Jacobs, in which she brought a unique creativity to designer fashion. 


These are just some of the women who’s content I have been loving recently. I think the world of social media can be a really dark place; however, the content that these women produce and choose to share with the world have made it a much more positive space for me. With the ever changing nature of social media, I look forward to discovering and supporting the content of so many more female creators.

Ariana Yany

Emmanuel '23

Hi! I’m Ariana, a sophomore at Emmanuel College. My major is Art Therapy. I love music, art, and pretty much anything that allows for creativity. I also enjoy coffee, traveling, and shopping.
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